The values and goals that motivate us in our constant efforts include growing, creating jobs, adding value for our clients, constantly improving our offer of products and services and positioning ourselves to reach an ever larger international and Spanish market share. Participating in international cooperation projects and a building a direct relationship with our clients are precisely the instruments that enable us to materialise these values in our day-to-day work.

This way of working has made it possible to build a network of contacts and strategic relationships which have given rise to a growing number of business opportunities and, above all else, to showcase and boost what we at BIOAZUL consider as our main assets: training, know-how and the capacity of the entire workforce.

As a signatory company of the United Nations Global Compact, at BIOAZUL we have been contributing to sustainable business development since 9th April 2013. We are therefore committed to the Global Compact’s 10 Basic Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour Standards, the Environment and the Fight against Corruption.


With these values as a basis and the resources we have at our disposal, our proven experience and our extensive network of contacts, BIOAZUL is well-positioned as a robust company that is well-prepared to carry out international projects and market products and services at any level.

In BIOAZUL’s strategic development plan we therefore pay special attention to R&D and innovation projects that are co-funded by European programmes. These are an essential tool for growth due to the advantages they provide, allowing us to constantly improve our offer by developing, optimising and validating new technologies, which feed back into our constant improvement and minimise our financial risk.

Taking part in projects allows us to work hand in hand with organisations from around the world and to gain access to outstanding know-how on current technology resources and the market on a global scale, thereby increasing our visibility and differentiating us from our competitors. Furthermore, this positions us in international markets, the main starting point for the globalisation of our products and services.

At BIOAZUL we prioritise those projects that entail obtaining the rights to the commercial exploitation of the outcomes, which facilitate both management and profitability in the short to medium term. This strategy allows us to consolidate our current offer of products and services and our experience, and to foster loyalty among our clients, while at the same time expanding our client portfolio.

This strategy is materialised in projects aimed at:

  • Supporting co-operation and integration among five clusters in order to improve technology research and development.
  • Introducing innovative technologies, products and services developed by BIOAZUL into the market (green economy).
  • Innovative and efficient management concepts for energy and material flows at different levels (circular economy, urban mines, W2R):

Urban level. In this regard, BIOAZUL strongly backs actions that are integrated into strategies of positive transition in cities.

Rural and peri-urban level. We focus on projects based on more sustainable approaches to natural resource management and greater use of any “waste” generated.

Providing a business outlet for the outcomes of our participation in many of our previous projects is a priority for BIOAZUL. We are therefore aware of the opportunities the European Union’s new H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation offers to companies. For BIOAZUL, this has entailed gaining the know-how and marketing rights that have given us an outstanding perspective and competitiveness in the Spanish and international markets.

Lastly, governance is a key point when any project is tackled or new products and services are developed at BIOAZUL. BIOAZUL pays special attention to participatory approaches and strategies aimed at capacity building in possible international cooperation projects, since they ensure real implementation and economic and environmental sustainability throughout the time the solutions are implemented.