BIOAZUL offers an integrated consultancy service, acting as a catalyst and promoter of R&D and innovation projects of strategic interest with high market potential for our clients.

We offer our services to companies, universities, technology centres and public authorities in a variety of industries (agriculture, foodstuffs, water and waste treatment, energy efficiency and the green economy, among others), for whom innovation is a key factor for competitiveness and growth.

Our extensive experience is based on our constant active involvement in more than thirty European Commission Framework Programme (FP6) R&D and innovation projects, partly or fully coordinating twenty-three of them in conjunction with world-renowned organisations.

BIOAZUL has external European Commission (EC) assessors and experts, as well as project managers specialised in company and SME competitiveness programmes who are highly qualified in the environment and climate change, raw materials and resource efficiency, sustainable agriculture, the bio-economy, foodstuffs, clean and efficient energy and industrial technology.

If you have an innovative idea, do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can find a way to turn it into a reality.


We are aware that one of the most significant obstacles involved in carrying out R&D and innovation projects, especially in the case of SMEs, is the difficulty in tackling the process with the organisation’s own human and financial resources.

BIOAZUL offers its clients the appropriate tools to turn their competitive ideas into a reality by providing access to funding programmes like Horizon 2020 (H2020), the new European programme designed to support research and innovation between 2014 and 2020. BIOAZUL accompanies its clients from the formulation of the idea right up to the submission of proposals to national and international programmes. A road map proposal could well include the following:

  • Analysis, formulation and development of the R&D and innovation idea.
  • Search for calls and funding at a national and international level.
  • Preparation of the R&D and innovation proposal, including tasks like searching for technology and business partners, setting objectives and drawing up the work programme and budget.
  • Submission to a funding entity.

Since it was set up in 2003, BIOAZUL has positioned itself as a significant player in technology consulting for international collaboration R&D and innovation projects in southern Europe.

BIOAZUL has achieved ranking as the top private Andalusian organisation with the greatest economic return in FP7, and second in the overall ranking.

Once the proposal is approved and funding attained, we support and advise our clients in the management of their projects in both the negotiation process with the funding body, as well as during the time the R&D and innovation project is being carried out.

We carry out training activities on international funding and management for R&D and innovation programmes, which are focused on the preparation, submission and technical and economic management of highly competitive proposals. These activities are tailor-made for our clients and collaborators, which include both public (universities, research centres and administrations) and private entities (companies, private technology centres and professional associations).

As experts in “non-technical” issues we also offer consultancy and training related to the strategy of capitalising on project outcomes (distribution and exploitation), the intellectual property of said outcomes, plans for their use, internal and external risks associated with the project, contingency plans, etc. The consultancy is done through the drawing up different reports, and training is carried out by means of seminars.

The advantages for your organisation of taking part in R&D and innovation projects include:

  • Performing actions which would otherwise be impossible to carry out solely with the organisation’s own resources.
  • Access to marketable outcomes, which results in the opening up of new markets.
  • Acquisition of scientific and technical know-how through cooperative work.
  • Boosting the organisation’s visibility and the creation or widening of a strategic network of contacts with Spanish and international partners.
  • Enriching experience linked to collaborating with top-quality world-renowned organisations involved in R&D and innovation.