Treatment. Reuse. BIOAZUL SBRs (Sequential Batch Reactors) are biological treatment systems in which all the treatment process stages take place in a single tank. They produce treated water having quality standards suitable for reuse.

Treatment. Reuse. BIOAZUL’s MBRs (Membrane Bioreactors) are latest generation systems which combine biological water treatment with membrane filtration technologies. They produce very high quality water suitable for reuse.

Filtration. BIOAZUL’s Reverse Osmosis Systems eliminate most contaminants (viruses, bacteria and ions). Ultra-pure water has a very low salt concentration and is suitable for reuse in most industrial processes.

Filtration. BIOAZUL’s Advanced Filtration covers all kinds of specific applications, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration systems, reverse osmosis, as well as membrane distillation/crystallisation for highly concentrated water.

Humidification. UltraFRESH. UltraBAK. BIOAZUL’s ultrasonic humidifiers are systems that allow one to exercise appropriate control over relative air humidity with low energy consumption and ensure maximum quality and hygiene for fresh produce.

Treatment. Filtration. LODOred, BIOAZUL’s innovative eco-product, is an urban and industrial wastewater biological treatment additive that efficiently controls and reduces the sludge produced at treatment plants.

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