85% of Andalusian companies act in sustainability

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The UN Global Compact Spain together with Extenda-Andalucía Exportation and Foreign Investment, held a conference on February 1 in Seville for the Presentation of the report on the implementation of the SDGs in Andalusian companies.

The event was presented by Lorena García de Izarra, CEO of Extenda, and Cristina Sánchez, executive director of the UN Global Compact Spain. The latter presented the results of the report that they have prepared in collaboration with TRADE, through Extenda, to find out the degree of implementation of the SDGs in Andalusian companies. Some of the data that Cristina disclosed was that 83% of Andalusian companies state that they are aware of the SDGs and, of these, 47% do so in depth. On the other hand, 85% carry out actions in the fields of the SDGs and 87% affirm that there are competitive advantages in their implementation.

To delve into these issues and find out first-hand how some Andalusian companies work in terms of sustainability and commitment to the SDGs, a panel discussion moderated by Marco Zurita, Head of Marketing and Development of the UN Global Compact Spain, was organized, in which we participate from BIOAZUL together with other entities such as INERCO, Total Logistic and Caparrós Nature.

Marco Zurita analyzed the results report and presented the programs offered by the Global Compact to accompany companies and move towards the achievement of the SDGs.

After this intervention there was a round table of questions where the situation of Andalusian companies with respect to the SDGs and sustainability was analyzed. In this dialogue, important considerations arose, for example, Esther Valdivia, Director of the Environment at INERCO pointed out that there must be a firm commitment in large corporations so that all affiliates work on a common goal. Javier Martínez, Corporate Director of Total Logistic, spoke about the long journey that his company has been collaborating with the Global Compact and how awareness of the SDGs and their implementation make both customers and employees feel part of the results obtained. Our CEO highlighted that thanks to the Global Compact action programs in which BIOAZUL has participated, such as Target Gender Equality and SDG Ambition, we have achieved greater visibility and have allowed us to open new lines of business. The Deputy Director of the Caparrós Group, Mabel Salina, pointed out the importance of continuous training in SDGs and sustainability within the company and the need for this sustainability effort to reach the client clearly. Finally, the four companies agreed that work on sustainability should be a key factor when doing business, and for this it is essential that this factor be a key requirement in the selection and public procurement bidding processes. , so that administrations reward companies that work hard to implement the SDGs in their day to day.

The day closed imagining what results could be obtained in the report that will be carried out in 2024 and the attendees at the table left the headlines that could summarize the expected results of the same, we point out the one that Antonia Lorenzo said: Andalusia example of sustainability in the Global Compact report.

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