Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Los humidificadores ultrasónicos de alta frecuencia de BIOAZUL son sistemas que permiten el control adecuado de la humedad relativa del aire con bajo consumo energético.

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Timelapse made over several days to check the difference in impact on different fruits and vegetables with and without the effect of ultrasonic humidification. This test was carried out within the Fresh Demo project with the aim of reducing waste and improving the quality of fruits and vegetables.


How does the ultrasonic humidification?

BIOAZUL's ultrasonic humidifier technology is based on piezoelectric transducers that generate tiny drops of water through high-frequency vibration.


The UltraFRESH system generates a mist made up of tiny droplets that evaporate on contact with the outside air, forming a layer of fresh, humid air over the products. This effect is called adiabatic cooling, the temperature will drop by about 4°C and the relative humidity can be increased up to 99%. In this way, the fresh product does not lose its moisture and at the same time it is cooled without getting wet.

With UltraBAK we improve fermentation by minimizing the crusting of the bread and achieving final products with greater volume and better color; UltraBAK provides a better balance between the water activity of the dough and the humidity of the chamber, leading to higher quality products.