Our network

At BIOAZUL we actively participate in different associations, platforms, and initiatives at a national and international level.

Our network of collaborators

United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is an appeal to companies and organizations to align their strategies and operations with Ten Universal Principles on human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. It has the UN mandate to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the private sector. Its mission is to generate an international movement of sustainable companies to create the world we want. Also, an unmatched ability to unite companies with other actors working to promote sustainable development: governments, civil society and the United Nations. The Spanish Network, since its creation, is one of the first national platforms of the Global Compact and the local network with the largest number of signatories.

Bioazul is signatory since September 2019.


CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate mobilizes a critical mass of business leaders to address global water challenges through corporate water stewardship, in partnership with the United Nations, governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. The Mandate is a commitment platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship. Endorsing companies commit to action across six key elements and report annually on progress.

Bioazul joined the initiative in July 2019.


Water Action Hub

The Water Action Hub is a global online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for water sustainability, developed by the CEO Water Mandate. The Hub helps companies and other organizations address water risk and advance sustainable water management. The Hub aims to catalog and raise awareness of the vast network of water stewardship projects around the world. In doing so, it inspires action, helps share best practice and innovative ideas, and promotes collaboration among the many different organizations committed to addressing the world’s many water challenges.

Bioazul has its profile in this catalog where all its projects can be consulted.


Women's Empowerment Principles (WPEs)

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are a set of principles offering guidance to business on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community. Established by UN Global Compact and UN Women, the WEPs are informed by international labour and human rights standards and grounded in the recognition that businesses have a stake in, and a responsibility for, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Bioazul is a signatory of these principles since April 2020.


Water Europe

Water Europe is the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform. This platform was initiated by the European Commission in 2004 for Research and Technology Development in the water industry and was transformed into an independent legal entity under Belgian Law in 2007. Water Europe trives to foster collaborative, innovative and integrated European Research and Technologies Development, to ensure the European Growth and Competitiveness of the Water Sector, to provide Global answers to Global Challenges for the next generations and to address the challenges of an integrated and sustainable management of water resources.

Bioazul become a member of the Water Platform in 2016.


EIT Food

EIT Food is a pan-European consortium that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in the food sector. The members of the EIT Food community are world-class players in the international food domain: over 50 partners from leading businesses, research centres and universities across 13 countries. EIT Food’s vision is to put Europe at the centre of a global revolution in food innovation and production, and its value in society. EIT Food will engage consumers in the change process, improve nutrition and make the food system more resource-efficient, secure, transparent and trusted.

Bioazul in Network partner of this consortium since 2019.


Save Food

SAVE FOOD is a global Initiative from FAO on Food Loss and Waste Reduction. SAVE FOOD aims to drive innovations, promote interdisciplinary dialogue and spark off debates in order to generate solutions, across the entire value chain “from field to fork” by involving all actors and on a broad front. Bioazul is member of this initiative since 2018 where proposes the FRESH-DEMO project and ultrasonic humidifiers as a solution to reduce food waste.


Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse Foundation is an organization created by Bertrand Piccard, with which he wants to demonstrate to companies and governments that ecology is the logical answer to achieve a more sustainable world. And, at the same time, create jobs and generate new markets. In addition, the Foundation has selected 1000 solutions that can protect the environment in a cost-effective way and bring them to policy makers to help them adopt more ambitious environmental goals and energy policies.

Bioazul is officially a member of this initiative since December 2020.


Clúster SBN

The Cluster on Nature Based Solutions of Malaga is an association formed by businessmen, professionals, authorities and researchers who share the knowledge and skills necessary to seek sustainable solutions to specific problems arising from the climate crisis. In May 2019, this cluster was created where Bioazul was one of the signers.

Clúster SBN


The Andalusian Network Against Climate Change (REDAC), is a project promoted by HIDRALIA and managed by the Chair Hidralia + UGR, consisting of the creation of an open and participatory space aimed at promoting social awareness about Climate Change. This Network acts as a permanent forum where all the member entities exchange their experiences, value the projects developed and share information on mitigation and adaptation, while establishing business, institutional and public-private alliances.

Bioazul has been a member of this platform since 2018.


onGranada Tech City

onGranada Tech City is the brand that represents the Asociación Clúster Granada Plaza Tecnológica y Biotecnóloga, an initiative of the Granada Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CGE) which, five years after its founding, has become the largest business organization in the digital economy and the largest technological and biotechnological cluster in Andalusia. 

Bioazul is part of this Cluster since 2020.

onGranada Tech City

Club Multilateral de Extenda

Andalusia’s Multilateral Club is an initiative of EXTENDA, the Internationalisation and Export Promotion Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain).It brings together a select group of engineering and consulting firms in Andalusia, which stand out for their activity in the international field, particularly in projects financed by Multilateral Organizations and Regional Development Banks.  Through an annual activity plan, this group functions as a meeting platform, promoting synergies and expanding opportunities in the multilateral arena. Its first edition took place in 2013.

Bioazul is club member since 2015.


Food For Life Spain

The Food For Life-Spain Technology Platform (PTF4LS) is a space that aims to stimulate research, development and innovation (R + D + i) in the Food and Beverage Industry (IAB) through the dissemination of knowledge and the existing opportunities. For this, the PTF4LS facilitates collaboration between companies, technology and research centers, administration and funders in order to generate projects that allow the agri-food industry to be at the forefront of innovation applied to products and processes.


Business for Nature

Business for Nature es una coalición global que reúne a organizaciones influyentes y empresas con visión de futuro. Las empresas con visión de futuro comprenden que la prosperidad económica mundial se basa en un mundo natural saludable y ya están asumiendo compromisos y actuando sobre la protección y restauración de la naturaleza. Business for Nature está amplificando este movimiento empresarial al demostrar la amplitud y profundidad de la ambición y acción empresarial existente.

Bioazul es miembro desde agosto de 2020.


Inter-Platform Circular Economy Group

The Inter-Platform Circular Economy Group, GIEC, is made up of a total of 25 Spanish Technological and Innovation Platforms, and has among its priorities promoting the efficient use of resources through public-private collaboration and R & D & i. This group is coordinated by the following 5 Spanish Technological and Innovation Platforms, SusChem-Spain, Food for Life-Spain, PTEA, PLATEA and MANU-KET. This Inter-platform Group is aimed at exploiting the potential of innovation to promote the application of the concept of circular economy in different strategic productive sectors, also contributing to the implementation of national and European strategies in this area.