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  • BONEX: Boosting nexus framework implementation in the mediterranean

BONEX: Boosting nexus framework implementation in the mediterranean


Boosting Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem Nexus (WEFe Nexus)

Production of Nexus Bridging Plans (NBPs)

Implementation pf WEFe solutions in 7 Demonstration Projects (DPs)

The Mediterranean is facing growing challenges to ensure food and water supply as countries experience increasing demand and decreasing availability of natural resources. Interconnected impacts from climate change, population growth, urbanization and environmental deterioration are further exacerbating the difficulty to meet both ecosystem and human needs.

In this context, the BONEX project arises under a nexus approach which aims at managing and alleviating conflicts, trade-offs and leveraging synergies across sectors, moving towards an efficient, integrated use and management of the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems Nexus (WEFe Nexus) generating at the same time economic, environmental and societal benefits.

The project aims to produce a novel, robust, transdisciplinary, and diagnostic WEFe Bridging Framework (named WEFeF) to serve the production of context-specific Nexus Bridging Plans (NBPs) tailored to different innovative technologies and its combination (e.g.  solar powered water reuse, agrivoltaics, and solar irrigation) and socioeconomic contexts across the MedRegion.

The framework and innovative WEFe Nexus solution approaches will be iteratively developed and tested in 7 carefully selected Demonstration Projects (DP) covering a diversity of MedRegion contexts, challenges, and technologies to ensure that results are truly replicable and that wide socio-ecological and cultural diversity of the MedRegion is considered.


  • Establish a replicable and adaptive transdisciplinary framework, the WEFe Bridging Framework (WEFeF), as a powerful tool to be used by analysts and experts.

  • Co-create, operationalize, and assess innovative, context specific WEFe solution approaches in seven Demonstration Projects (DPs) in the MedRegion.

  • Test combined application of a set of existing tools and methodological approaches from different disciplines to assess trade-offs and synergies.

  • Scale up WEFe Nexus practice through context-sensitive replication forming a Community of Practice including diverse key stakeholders.

  • Leveraging knowledge for proactively informing strategic policy processes.

  • Exploitation of results with close involvement of the private sector supporting the transfer of knowledge at the industrial level, promoting inclusive innovation, and scaling-up (from local to international).


Bioazul (España)

UCO (España)

FutureWater (España)

UAL (España)

UNI KASSEL (Alemania)

CBR (Italia)

UNIBO (Italia)

GJU (Jordania)

IUCN-ROWA (Jordania)


AUB (Líbano)

ORMVASM (Marruecos)

IAV (Marruecos)

NBI (Portugal)

NOVA (Portugal)

SmartLOGGER (Túnez)


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Website: bonex-prima.eu

Status: Active

Funding program: PRIMA

Contract nº: 2141

Duration: May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2025 (36 months)

Budget: 4.460.276,00€ (CE contribution: 3.992.043,50€)

Contact person: Rafael Casielles (rcasielles@bioazul.com)