REMEDI: New methodology for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment

TRAPPING AND REMOVAL OF X-RAY CONTRAST MEDIUM AGENTS FROM WATER RESOURCE AND STREAM SEDIMENTS Innovation to deal pharmaceutical contamination in wastewater Academic and industrial expertise combination Researchers training Pharmaceuticals represent […]

FIT4REUSE: Integrated use of water resources

SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE INTEGRATED USE OF UNCONVENTIONAL WATER RESOURCES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AGRICULTURAL SECTOR Wastewater treatment and desalinated water Sustainable solutions adapted to local scenarios Conducting high-quality […]

PAVITR: Treatment and safe reuse of wastewater

VALIDATION AND MONITORING OF SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES FOR THE SAFE TREATMENT AND REUSE OF WASTEWATER IN INDIA Identify and form knowledge networks between Europe and India Develop and implement efficient and […]

WATER2RETURN: Circular economy in the meat industry

RECOVERY AND RECYCLING OF NUTRIENTS TURNING WASTEWATER INTO ADDED-VALUE PRODUCTS FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN AGRICULTURE Amounts of wastewater containing relevant nutrients Around 750.000 m3 of wastewater are produced per […]

RICHWATER: Reclaimed water for agricultural purposes

Home / FIRST APPLICATION AND MARKET INTRODUCTION OF COMBINED WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND REUSE TECHNOLOGY FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES Method to save freshwater and fertilizers in agriculture Efficient solution for water scarcity […]