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  • BOOST-IN: Boosting the uptake of innovative solutions in the context of water and circular economy

BOOST-IN: Boosting the uptake of innovative solutions in the context of water and circular economy


Addressing water scarcity in Europe through CE principles

Facilitating transfer of innovative WACES and initiatives

Multidisciplinary efforts at EU and regional levels, focusing on ROp

Droughts and water scarcity are growing concerns in Europe, affecting nearly 20% of the European territory and impacting 30% of the population due to factors such as climate change, tourism, agriculture, and population density. This threat is expected to intensify, particularly in Southern and Western Central Europe, as global warming continues.  

The consequences of the altered water cycle extend to energy production, food security, health, economic development, and poverty reduction, presenting challenges for sustainable growth under changing climate conditions. 

The prevailing linear model of water systems in most EU member states, involving the exploitation of non-renewable water resources, is deemed unsustainable 

Traditional adaptation strategies, focused on water conservation and efficiency, may prove inadequate to address the escalating demand amid reduced water availability caused by climate change. In response to these challenges, the concept of a Circular Economy (CE) has emerged, aiming to shift from the linear model of “take, make, consume, and waste” toward a more sustainable approach. 

The BOOST-IN project aims to implement an effective strategy for the water sector to embrace a circular economy, promoting technological advancements, governance changes, mindset shifts, and organizational restructuring. The project seeks to achieve this by facilitating the transfer of innovative Water Circular Economy Solutions (WACES) and initiatives, promoting water cycle closure, water reuse, and the recovery of energy, nutrients, and by-products from wastewater based on real-life experiences in the circular economy. 

This ambitious approach requires multidisciplinary efforts at both the EU and regional levels, with a focus on Regions of Opportunity (ROp). The goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange, capacity building, entrepreneurship support, policy advocacy, and the creation of an active network of stakeholders collaborating synergistically. 


  • To evaluate past and ongoing Water Circular Economy Solutions (WACES) initiatives 
  • To examine the impacts and identify implementation barriers of WACES 
  • To encourage mindset and behavioural changes among citizens to enhance their understanding of Circular Economy (CE) benefits  
  • To incorporate the CE concept into academic education. 
  • To equip practitioners from various stakeholder groups with skills and knowledge needed to implement WACES. 
  • To advocate for an enabling policy context and appropriate  governance schemes for successful WACES implementation 
  • To support a cohort of innovators dedicated to deliver transformative circular solutions in the water sector 
  • To establish a platform for innovators to showcase their relevant solutions 
  • To promote market uptake of water products through standardisation 
  • To disseminate project results to various stakeholders. 


BIOAZUL (Spain) 

ECOFILAE (France) 

UNIBO (Italy) 

NTUA (Greece) 

DECHEMA (Germany) 

FT (Austria) 

KWB (Germany) 

ZSI (Austria) 

AGENSO (Greece) 

WE (Belgium) 

BWA (Bulgaria) 


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Status: Active

Website: Soon to be announced

Contract nº: 101135239

CORDIS information:

Funding program: HORIZON-CSA

Duration: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2026 (36 months)

Budget: 1,999,856.81€ (EC contribution: 1,999,856.81€)

Contact person: Ángela Magno (amagno@bioazul.com)