Our Company

BIOAZUL is an engineering and technological consultancy firm focused on the environment, with two main lines of business:

1) BIOAZUL offers tailored industrial and urban wastewater treatment solutions based on technologies resulting from the work carried out by the company in research, development and innovation projects, providing its clients with a broad range of engineering services, including: preliminary technical and economic study to choose the most suitable solution; design of turnkey solutions; preliminary piloting to demonstrate solutions; building, installation, commissioning and maintenance; client capacity building and post-sales technical service.

Our aim is to integrate sustainability at an environmental and economic level, achieve energy efficiency and place our know-how at the service of the client to offer the most competitive solutions. One of the aspects that differentiates us from our competitors is our extensive, well-proven capacity to design and adapt technology solutions to each client’s specific requirements.

2) BIOAZUL offers an integrated consultancy service, acting as a catalyst and promoter of R&D and innovation projects of strategic interest with high market potential for our clients. We offer our services to companies, universities, technology centres and public authorities in a variety of industries (agriculture, foodstuffs, water and waste treatment, energy efficiency and the green economy, among others), for whom innovation is a key factor for competitiveness and growth. Our extensive experience is based on our constant active involvement in more than thirty FP6 R&D and innovation projects, partly or fully coordinating twenty-three of them in conjunction with world-renowned organisations.


The BIOAZUL management team has focused on commitment to innovation in the water industry and sustainable development, along with a clear strategy based on research and development, as the company’s guidelines since it was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of ttz-Bremerhaven, a research and technology transfer centre based in northern Germany.

Our professionals’ extensive experience in diverse industrial areas, our involvement in numerous research, development and innovation projects, together with the business context at that time (our launch was aimed at overcoming Andalusia’s lack of companies in this sector), have today enabled BIOAZUL to become a benchmark company in water engineering in southern Europe.

BIOAZUL is also a strategic partner of, and has entered into collaboration agreements with, several research centres in Germany and Austria. Furthermore, this extensive experience and the know-how we have acquired through our involvement in projects sponsored by different international organisations have enabled us to gain access to diverse co-funding models, thereby reducing the company’s financial risk and resulting in an innovative competitive offering of products and services in the environmental, water, energy and waste areas.

Today BIOAZUL has a highly qualified team of professionals who offer a broad range of tailored engineering services and solutions for urban and industrial wastewater treatment, along with an integrated consultancy service that allows the company to act as a catalyst and promoter of R&D and innovation projects of strategic interest with high market potential for our clients.

Since it was founded, BIOAZUL has achieved, among others, the following milestones:

  • Breaking into the Spanish and international markets with its LODOred line of innovative eco-products for municipal wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment and reuse technologies — SBRs and MBRs.
  • Involvement in 30 projects under the European Commission Framework Programme (FP6 and FP7), leading four of them. Three projects were co-funded by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI), now the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). Of these we led on two: a project called BIO-HEAT, under the Smart Energy for Europe Platform, and another known as WASTE-red under the CIP Eco-Innovation Programme. According to the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento), BIOAZUL is ranked second in terms of FP7 returns, after a university. It is therefore the first ranked private company.

However, there can be no doubt that BIOAZUL’s greatest achievement is having consolidated a workforce of eight professionals, allowing the company to offer competitive high-quality services to today’s market.

We mainly work on cooperating with partners from all EU-27 Member States. We have carried out our work with third-party countries in international cooperation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America and our products are present in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and India.

With this background, BIOAZUL’s current R&D and innovation plan is diversified into several basic lines of action:

  • Water R&D is one of the mainstays of BIOAZUL’s activity. Integrated water management (water basin management, irrigation water, agro-ecology, ecological sanitation, etc.) is of strategic interest and constitutes a significant percentage of our company’s R&D projects, along with wastewater management and treatment and the development of more efficient technologies that make its reuse possible. Mention should be made in this regard of BIOAZUL’s involvement in different international projects. These facilitate the entry into the market of our wastewater treatment and regeneration technologies and services, allowing their safe use in agriculture and at urban and industrial levels.
  • Renewable energy R&D: BIOAZUL plays a leading role in several recovery and reuse projects based on biomass from different origins (stockbreeding or agricultural waste and energy crops), such as ROKWOOD, BIO-HEAT, AGROBIOGAS and FARMAGAS, to subsequently produce energy.
  • Waste R&D: Prevention, along with minimising industrial and solid waste generation and its subsequent recovery, play a key role in reducing the ecological footprint of certain activities. Here our LODOred product stands out. It is aimed at preventing sludge production at wastewater treatment plants, as do our urban solid waste management projects based on the ISWM (Integrated Sustainable Waste Management) concept, for example ISOWWANA and IWWA. Furthermore, the ISWN concept demonstrates our company’s clear commitment to the development of projects that are mainly focused on sustainable city management, such as, for instance, the TURAS project, which is being implemented jointly with the Malaga Local Authority.

These cross-cutting lines of work constitute the starting point to define BIOAZUL’s new R&D and business activities.