Our team

Bioazul’s greatest achievement has been the consolidation of a staff of ten professionals who make it a company that offers highly competitive quality services in today’s market.

We have national and international experience in applied R&D projects and work with responsibility, respect and impartiality, transparency, and commitment to customers, colleagues and the environment.


Antonia Lorenzo (4)-HQ


Founding partner, CEO

Director of R&D and Innovation

Pilar Zapata (1)


Senior manager of R+D+ and Senior projects

Circular Economy

Rafael Casielles (3)


Gestor senior de proyectos I+D+ i Senior

Water management and reuse

Ana Belen Montosa (4)


Head of the Economic and Financial Department

Management and control

Alejandro Caballero_4_HQ


Engineering Manager

Water regeneration

Angela Magno (5)-HQ


R+D+i project manager.

Director of Marketing and Communication

Gerardo Gonzalez (2)


R&D Project Manager

Nature-based solutions

David Salaberri (3)


Communication and Marketing Technician

Corporate communication

David Frias (2)


Responsible for technical maintenance
Sara Hernandez (1)


R&D Project Manager
Sarynel Lovera (2)


Administrative financial department

Antonia María Lorenzo López

Bachelor of Agricultural Chemistry and specialist in Environmental Engineering and Technology. She started managing international R & D projects more than 15 years ago at the Technology Transfer Center TTZ-Bremerhaven (Germany). Later she returned to Spain and founded BIOAZUL in 2003 with the hope of promoting; sustainability, environmental protection and efficient water management.
She has also had the opportunity to work for the European Commission as an expert and evaluator in several of its programs and has specialized in aspects related to intellectual protection and exploitation.

Always linked to projects of water management, water treatment and reuse, waste, circular economy, among others; make her a reference in EU programmes including the H2020. One of her greatest personal motivations is contributing to the resolution of social challenges, which has led her to be a member of different NGOs and president of the Rizoma Foundation, always keeping attention to the citizen and pursuing a friendlier territory management for the society. Amateur mindfullnes and yoga.

Pilar Zapata Aranda

Bachelor’s degree in Biology and specialist in organisms and environmental sciences. In Bioazul, since 2006, she has been devoted to what has always been her vocation: take care, preserve and protect the environment. During all this time, she has acquired extensive experience in proposals writing, as well as in the negotiation and coordination of R&D&I and International Cooperation projects in the framework of different European programmes, focusing on certain thematic areas such as water management and reuse, waste management, resources sustainability and, most of all, circular economy, key areas in projects like Water2REturn, which she is currently coordinates.

She was selected to be part of the managers’ specialisation programme in international technological cooperation projects of the Spanish office of science and technology (SOST) in Brussels and, later on, as evaluator of EC proposals. Her work amplified her interest in solving environmental problems in developing countries, focusing on Asia and, very especially, in India, thanks to the coordination of projects such as NaWaTech or ISSOWAMA. She considers herself an enthusiast of literature, good music and Asian culture.

Rafael Casielles Restoy

Chemical engineer and specialist in international cooperation for development. His concern has always been to improve the living conditions of people through a humanistic approach to technological development. For this reason, since 2008 he has guided his professional career in Bioazul to create a social and environmental awareness by carrying out projects that have a positive impact on society.

At Bioazul, he has specialized in the preparation and negotiation of R&D project proposals within the European Framework programs, mainly in programs focused on SMEs and cooperation projects. Part of his professional work has been in Africa, where he coordinated projects such as IWWA, CLARA or WATERBIOTECH and in the area of water management, focusing on the wastewater reuse leading projects such as SuWaNu, TREAT & USE and RichWater. He is considered a curious and enthusiastic person, always open to meet new people and cultures. He is passionate about photography and literature.

Ana Belén Montosa

Multidisciplinary economist and specialist in foreign trade and customs management. He has a great business and management vision thanks to her career that ranges from small and medium companies to large corporations and even collaborations as a freelance.
In her work experience she has acquired knowledge in financial, legal, tax, human resources and international relations, holding positions of great responsibility in companies of various sectors such as exporters and importers, publishers, appraisers or legal consultants, at the private and public organisations. In 2010 she joined Bioazul where she is responsible for the management and control of the economic and financial department.

Her creative spirit and concerns not only lead her to have a 360º vision at the business level and maintain a continuous learning, but to feel interested on a personal level to explore new cultures, crafts or photography. It is remarkable her commitment and passion, her wit, as well as her strategic thinking that she reflects every day in her work.

Alejandro Caballero

Bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences and specialized in environmental engineering. He began his professional career as a fellow in countries such as Russia and Denmark giving way to his specialization in engineering works on water treatment and environmental solutions. From then on, he carried out international water treatment systems projects in Norway, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

In 2011, he joined the Bioazul team where he has designed, implemented and optimized different wastewater treatment systems (urban and industrial wastewater), focusing on biological treatments and the possibility of agricultural reuse. He has designed the technologies of projects such as Algatec II, NaWaTech, RichWater or Water2REturn. He is considered a passionate about the countryside and gastronomy.

Ángela Magno Malagón

Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Food Science & Technology. Her objective has been to combine both degrees by applying R&D&i to the food sector. She began her professional career in the quality department of several food companies and later focused on innovation and sustainability when she started working at Bioazul in 2011, with projects such as NanoBAK2 and FRESH-DEMO. She has always been interested in outreach and communication. This interest has led her to be trained in marketing and communication, both at a business and scientific level, assuming these tasks in the company, as well as in numerous European R & D projects, in which she has led the strategy of dissemination of results, developed the corporate identity and brand image, organized events, etc.

Concerned and with a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity, she highlights the opportunity to participate in innovation projects in cooperation with companies from other European countries and to open horizons in fields such as agriculture or water treatment. The cinema, literature and travel to destinations with the sea are her main hobbies.

Gerardo González Martín

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences and master’s degree in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University (the Netherlands). Having a European profile, he has collaborated with international institutions such as Royal HaskoningDHV (the Netherlands), International Water Management Institute (IWMI) (Sri Lanka) and the European GNSS Agency (Czech Republic). Since he joined Bioazul in 2017, he has worked in the UrBAN-WASTE and CONNECTING Nature projects and he has specialised in the proposal preparation of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.

He has been passionate about nature since childhood, and nowadays dedicates a great part of his free time to the NGO “AndaLimpia”. As co-founder, he collaborates in awareness raising campaigns on recycling and environmental protection and organises monthly clean-up activities in beaches and nature areas in the province of Malaga. He is enthusiastic about composting and enjoys practising outdoor sports and playing guitar.

David Salaberri Alcaraz

Graduado en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas y especialista en comunicación estratégica e innovación. Comenzó su andadura profesional como becario en el sector medioambiental trabajando en el campo del marketing digital y social media. Posteriormente tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar en el ámbito financiero y de la banca llevando a cabo tareas de comunicación estratégica e interna, imagen de marca y formación de equipos. En 2018 se incorporó al equipo de Bioazul donde colabora en la gestión digital de la empresa, generación de contenidos, planificación estratégica en comunicación y branding. También participa en la organización de eventos y tareas de difusión.

Entusiasta, creativo y sociable son algunos de los adjetivos que lo definen. De su labor en Bioazul destaca la oportunidad de dar visibilidad a las innovaciones que se desarrollan día a día para contribuir a un mundo más eficiente y responsable con el medioambiente. Explorar nuevas ciudades, capturar momentos y relajarse frente al mar son algunas de sus pasiones.

David Frías Gil

Técnico Superior en Gestión y Organización de Empresas Agropecuarias y especialista en gestión forestal y del medio natural. Ha trabajado en el mantenimiento de cultivos hortícolas y subtropicales en fincas e invernaderos tanto a pequeña como gran escala. Desde 2016 ha colaborado como auxiliar de laboratorio dentro del proyecto RichWater en la analítica de frutos como el tomate y el mango. En 2019 se incorpora al equipo de Bioazul para trabajar en la instalación, mantenimiento y reparación de equipos.

En su día a día destaca por ser una persona inquieta y proactiva, acostumbrado a trabajar en equipo y con muchas ganas de seguir aprendiendo. La constancia es uno de los adjetivos que lo definen. Es un aficionado del deporte al aire libre como el senderismo o el ciclismo de montaña. Ocasionalmente colabora en el adestramiento de perros.

Sara Hernández García

Licenciada en Biología continuó su formación con un Máster en Biodiversidad y Medio Ambiente, especializándose en Biogreografía y Medio Marino. Ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar en gestión de proyectos de restauración de ecosistemas y embarcarse en la campaña de evaluación pesquera MEDITS del IEO.

Desde su incorporación a Bioazul en 2019, se ha especializado en escritura de propuestas y gestión de proyectos relacionados con Economía Circular, como U-ECO e InCEPPP, ambos Erasmus+. También trabaja en RSE y elaboración de Informes de Sostenibilidad basados en los 10 principios del UNGC. La igualdad entre mujeres y hombre es uno de sus principales objetivos y eso le ha llevado a ocuparse la aplicación de perspectiva de género en publicaciones y proyectos en la empresa.

El resto de su tiempo le encanta cuidar su huerto, dedicarse a cualquier actividad creativa y pasar tiempo en la naturaleza, sobre todo disfrutando del mar y a ser posible bajo el agua.

Sarynel Lovera Casas

En Venezuela he crecido en un entorno medio ambiental de gran belleza, lo cual me ha hecho apreciar desde temprana edad la necesidad de mantenerlo. Desde mi posición como administrativa, una de mis tareas es llevar a cabo un seguimiento de la trazabilidad económica de nuestros proyectos, lo cual me hace sentir implicada de algún modo en la consecución de los objetivos que proponen soluciones a los actuales problemas ambientales.

David Frías Gil

Technician in Management and Organization of Agricultural Enterprises and specialist in forest and environment management. He has worked in the maintenance of horticultural and subtropical crops in farms and greenhouses on a small and large scale. Since 2016, he has collaborated as a laboratory assistant within the RichWater project in the analysis of fruits such as tomatoes and mango. In 2019 he joined the Bioazul team to work on the installation, maintenance and repair of equipments.

He is a curious and proactive person and he used to work in group. Furthermore, he always has the ambition to learn something new. He loves outdoor sports such as hiking and mountain biking. Sometimes he works in the training of dogs.

Sara Hernández García

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, she continued her training with a Master’s degree in Biodiversity and the Environment, specializing in Biogeography and the Marine Environment. She has had the opportunity to work in the management of ecosystem restoration projects and to embark on the IEO’s MEDITS fisheries assessment campaign.

Since joining Bioazul in 2019, she has specialized in proposal writing and management of projects related to Circular Economy, such as U-ECO and InCEPPP, both Erasmus+. She also works on CSR and preparation of Sustainability Reports based on the 10 principles of the UNGC. Equality between women and men is one of her main objectives and this has led her to deal with the application of a gender perspective in publications and projects in the company.

The rest of his time she loves to take care of her garden, dedicate herself to any creative activity and spend time in nature, especially enjoying the sea and if possible underwater.

Sarynel Lovera Casas

In Venezuela I have grown up in an environment of great beauty, which has made me appreciate from an early age the need to maintain it. From my administrative position, one of my tasks is to monitor the economic traceability of our projects, which makes me feel involved in some way in achieving the objectives that propose solutions to current environmental problems.