R+D+i Consulting

At BIOAZUL we offer an integral consulting service, acting as a catalyst and promoter of R&D and innovation projects of strategic interest and with high market potential for our clients.
Since our creation in 2003, we have positioned ourselves as the reference technology consultancy in southern Europe in R&D&i projects in international collaboration, achieving second place in the ranking of entities with the highest economic return in the 7PM in Andalusia, being in turn, the first private entity.
Our extensive experience is based on continuous and active participation in R&D&i projects from the Sixth Framework Program of the European Commission (PM6), through different funding bodies.

Our projects

We have evaluators and external experts from the European Commission (EC), as well as project managers specialized in competitiveness programs for companies and SMEs, highly qualified in the environment and climate change, efficiency of resources and raw materials, sustainable agriculture , bioeconomy, food, clean and efficient energy or industrial technology.


We offer our clients the right tools to make their competitive ideas a reality, facilitating access to funding programs such as Horizon Europe, the new European Research and Innovation Support Program for the period 2021-2027.
At BIOAZUL we accompany our clients from the formulation of the idea to the implementation of the proposal, including the presentation in national and international programs.

Analysis, formulation and development of the R+D+i idea.

Search for calls and financing at national and international level.

Preparation of the R&D&i proposal

Search for technological and commercial partners, definition of objectives, preparation of the work program and budget.

Presentation to the financing entity.

Urban and industrial waste

Proposal Management

Support for communication with the financing entity, monitoring of technical development and fulfillment of the commitments made, preparation of progress reports, periodic and financial reports, provision of adequate tools for the management and execution of the project.

Training the innovators:

We carry out training activities on international R&D&i financing and management programs, focused on the preparation, presentation and technical-economic management of highly competitive proposals.
These activities are tailor-made for our clients and collaborators from both public entities (universities, research centers and administrations) and private entities (companies, private technology centers or professional associations).
In addition, we offer advice and training as experts on “non-technical” issues related to the capitalization strategy of project results (dissemination and exploitation), intellectual property of the aforementioned results, plans for their use, internal and external risks associated with the project. , contingency plans, etc. Consulting is carried out through the preparation of different reports and training through seminars.