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After the successful 1st edition focused on identifying the socio-economic challenges linked to climate change in the Ribera del Duero, the Rural Climate Forum returns in 2023 to promote transformative local action that generates climate resilience (capacities to adapt to impacts and reduction of emissions), while improving biodiversity, as well as the health and well-being of the riverside population. The tools chosen for this purpose are renaturation (reintroduction of nature in rural and urban areas) and relocation (promotion of the local economy), from the leadership of citizens and social entrepreneurship.

The Forum that is jointly organized by SBNCLIMA, Ribering and CIFP San Gabriel will take place from May 9 to 12, 2023 in Aranda del Duero in Burgos.


Tuesday-Thursday (9-11 May):

  • Tuesday 9 (18:00-19:30): “Entrepreneurship and local economy for climate and biodiversity”, with Ángela Rivas (President of JEARCO), Cristina Martín (President of ASEMAR), Enrique García (Director of San Gabriel Ciudad of Education) and representative of the Aranda City Council. Registration.
  • Wednesday 10 (18:00-19:30): “Communicating climate and biodiversity from rural areas: in the Ribera and the world”, with Alejandra Agudo (El País), Susana Gutiérrez (COPE Aranda) and representatives of other media Communication. Registration.
  • Thursday 11 (18:00-19:30): “Citizen governance of climate and biodiversity”, with Nuria Borda (Citizen Assembly for Climate) and Laura Lucio (facilitation of the Assembly), and representatives of the Spanish Network of Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact. Registration.

Friday (May 12):

  • (9:00-9:20) Introductory presentation: organizers and collaborators
  • (9:20-10:30) Round table and debate: “Renaturalize for the climate, biodiversity, climate and rural repopulation”, with Andrés Alcántara (IUCN), Elena López (ICATALIST, IPCC), Fernando Valladares (CSIC) , Luis Marcos (UBU) and Noa Simón (BeeLife European Beekeeping)
  • (10:30-11:40) Round table and debate: “Impact on the territory of renaturalization projects”, with Antonia Lorenzo (Bioazul, Cluster SBN), Raúl Sánchez (CARTIF), Mara Zamora (Rewilding Spain), Blanca Berzosa (Global Nature Foundation) and Francisco Purroy (Land Life Company)
  • (11:40-12:00) Coffee break
  • (12:00-13:00) Round table and debate: “Renaturalizations led by civil society”, with Teresa Vicente (University of Murcia), Paula Aranda (Urban Forest of Malaga), María Pascual (Legal Atlas), Jesús Iglesias (SBNCLIMA)
  • (13:00 – 13:45) Participatory dynamic: “How to collaborate in a network to promote renaturation?”
  • (13:45 – 14:00) Closing and next steps


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