InnoWise Scale: making water innovations accessible to everyone

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InnoWise Scale: making water innovations accessible to everyone

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Willing to make a change and fight water scarcity?

We are happy to present you with InnoWise Scale, an initiative within our project EIT Community Water Scarcity, with which we want to give access to innovative solutions for water management to businesses that are on their path towards sustainability.

Within the first semester of the year, we have been scouting and selecting 40 of the best ground-breaking solutions that enable better water management and optimise water supply and demand with their technology.

Now we are looking for companies, cooperatives, food & beverage and manufacturing industries, municipalities, etc. that are willing to make a change and fostering the challenge of fighting water scarcity. Interested?

  • Networking opportunities with 40 top water-technology providers.
  • Matchmaking with the 6-10 providers that better fit the needs of your company.
  • Dedicated online event to showcase company’s compromise towards sustainability.
  • Expert advice on the financial implications of testing the most relevant technologies, business planning and opportunities to finance scaling up the solutions.
  • Opportunity for demo testing of one solution, partially supported by the EIT Community Water Scarcity with 30,000 EUR voucher for demo purposes.
  • Media actions showcasing the CRS actions of your company through participation in the initiative programme: newsletters, press releases, interviews.

Learn more about InnoWise Scale, drop us an e-mail:

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