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The development of this Strategy is a challenge to all European regions that the European Commission has launched all with the ultimate objective of fostering a new economic model, business-focused, and based on a firm commitment to innovation, science, technology, internationalization and training.

The main objective of the RIS3 is to lead to a real change, a transformation, creating a new supporting framework on innovation and entrepreneurship that allows Andalusian enterprises to be the engine to overcome the current economical situation.

The transformation begins by working together on the design of the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of Andalusia.

The Andalusian Government has designed and open, transparent and participative process to which all stakeholders: Andalusian companies, the government, the universities and the complete Andalusian system of innovation and science, have been invited to design and develop the research and innovation strategy for smart specialization of Andalusia (RIS3).

Ms. Antonia Lorenzo, CEO of BIOAZUL S.L, has been appointed as one of the expert from the Andalusian enterprises to participate in this process. She has already participated in several meeting and working sessions. The last working sesssion took place in the Technological Park Rabalanes 21, (Córdoba, 02/07/2013) and the Technological Park of Andalusia (Málaga, 09/07/2013).

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