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Ms. Antonia Lorenzo and Ms. Angela Magno represent BIOAZUL S.L. during the Kick-off meeting of NanoBAK2 “Innovative and energy-efficient proofing/cooling technology based on ultrasonic humidification for high quality bakery products” in Sint-Oedenrode on 20th-21th of November, 2013. It was organized by CONTRONIC as general coordinator, supporting by BIOAZUL as administrative coordinator.

NanoBAK2 is a Collaborative project which aims to bring together European SMEs from the bakery industry (including both equipment manufactures and bakeries) and one RTD to prove and disseminate the technical and economic viability of a method for low-energy proofing and cooling in SME bakeries. The proposed concept is built on the outcomes of the successfully finished European research project NanoBAK (Novel climatic chamber with an innovative, energy-saving nano-aerosol humidification system for the manufacture of high quality bakery products).

During the meeting the project partners had the opportunity to engage the consortium members, to present the project and introduce the main aspects of the work. Likewise visit the CONTRONIC’s facilities, and they could visit I+D department where ultrasonic humidification system is developed.

Besides, the partners participated in a work session in order to organize the first workpackage “Definition of the end-user requirements”. The aim was agreed the best strategy to achieve a competitive prototype. All the partners have been remarked the importance of the WP1 for the development of the NanoBAK2 system.

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