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  • KITCHEN ADVENTURE: Empowering Families for Healthier, Sustainable Eating

KITCHEN ADVENTURE: Empowering Families for Healthier, Sustainable Eating


Promoting Nutritious, Balanced Diets Focused on Plant-Based Food

Promoting Eco-Friendly Food Choices & Reducing Environmental Impact

Making Home Cooking a Fun & Educational Activity for Families

The Kitchen Adventure project is a transformative initiative aimed at shifting dietary habits towards healthier and more sustainable choices. This project seeks to empower families and communities through hands-on cooking sessions, educational workshops, and engaging activities that promote plant-based diets and sustainable food practices. By fostering positive associations with home cooking, the project aims to make healthy eating an attractive and enjoyable part of daily life.

BioAzul, a key partner in the Kitchen Adventure, leads the project’s communication and engagement strategies. BioAzul’s extensive experience in managing transnational projects ensures the successful dissemination of the project’s goals and achievements, enhancing community involvement and support. Their role is pivotal in crafting compelling communication campaigns and engaging with diverse stakeholders across the EU.

The Kitchen Adventure leverages a combination of online and in-person activities to reach diverse communities across the EU. Families participate in interactive cooking challenges, workshops, and educational sessions designed to boost their culinary skills and knowledge about sustainable food systems. This comprehensive approach ensures long-lasting behavioural changes and promotes a culture of healthy eating.

By involving parents and children together, the project creates a supportive environment for learning and growth. The success of the programme lies in its community-centred approach.


  • Develop and validate an approach to steer public towards healthier and sustainable food choices.
  • Foster positive associations with home cooking, making it an attractive activity for families and peers.
  • Change perceptions of plant-based foods, highlighting their taste, safety, and sustainability.
  • Raise awareness about the environmental impact of meat consumption.
  • Equip teachers to educate children on plant-based diets and sustainable food systems.


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Website: under construction

Status: Active

Funding program: EIT Food

Contract nº: 23801

Duration: 01 marzo 2024 – 31 diciembre 2026 (33 months)

Budget: 1,200,000 EUR (400,000 EUR / year) 

Contact person: Angela Magno amagno@bioazul.com