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  • RURACTIVE: Empowering rural communities to act for change

RURACTIVE: Empowering rural communities to act for change


Empowering rural communities to act for a just and sustainable transition of rural areas in Europe

Community-based action for strong, connected, resilient and prosperous rural societies

Co-developing local skills for sustainable rural development

RURACTIVE aims to foster a just and sustainable transition of rural areas by developing smart, community-led, tailor-made, place-based and inclusive solutions within local Multi-Actor Rural Innovation Ecosystems (RIEs) in 12 pilot area (Dynamos – Ds) in 7 EU, 2 Associated Countries and Switzerland. Within RURACTIVE, solutions are considered as ‘community-based practices, products, processes, actions and initiatives made up by various forms of innovations (digital and technological, technical, social, organizational and governance, financial and business models).

RURACTIVE will unlock the innovation potential of rural communities by addressing six integrated Rural Development Drivers (RDDs) – namely multimodal mobility, energy transition, agri-food and agroecology, culture and cultural innovation, health and wellbeing, nature-based and cultural tourism – and transversally integrating climate change mitigation and adaption, biodiversity and social justice and inclusion. RURACTIVE will empower rural communities to act for societal change, by making available existing knowledge around smart solutions that integrate various forms of innovation (digital and technological, technical, organizational and social, business models and financial) and enhancing rural communities’ capacities and skills, by providing training, capacity building, and knowledge transfer.

Implementing a methodology for RIEs establishment in 12 Ds, RURACTIVE will work towards inclusive decision-making processes for all, including vulnerable groups and people at risk of exclusion, providing RIEs with instruments and capacities to collaboratively co-develop, co-implement and co-monitor smart and community-led solutions. Results will be out-scaled through knowledge exchanges and networking at EU level (open contest for Additional Ds and RURACTIVE Forum), the deployment of training and capacity building activities for further rural communities and the creation of open e-learning courses and MOOC.


  • Technical and scientific Objectives (TO): To deepen/advance scientific and practical knowledge and develop smart and community-led solutions for rural development.
  • Social and educational Objectives (SO): To ensure social and community-led innovation central to the digital transition, including organisational and governmental changes.
  • Replication and upscaling Objectives (RO): To enlarge the impact of the project in rural communities beyond the project duration and the directly involved territories.


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Website: www.ruractive.eu

Status: Active

Funding programme: Horizon Europe

Contract nº: 101084377

Duration: 1st September 2023 – 31st August 2027 (48 months)

Budget: €6,452,255.63 € (EU-funded)

Contact person: Sara Hernández (shernandez@bioazul.com)