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This is the greatest international conference about biomass, that will take place in Viena from 1st to 4th July. One of the most relevant activities included in the agenda will be the side event “Short rotation plantation – a winning strategy for sustainable production and efficient use of woody biomass”, organized by EUBIA (European Biomass Industry Association). It will take place at the “Messe Wien Congress and Exhibition Center” in the Austrian capital, on the next 3rd of June. Moreover, the event is promoted by the ROKWOOD Project (European regions fostering innovation for sustainable production and efficient use of woody biomass), funded by the FP7 of the EC, concretely under the “Regions of Knowledge” programme.

The main goal is to present and discuss the state of development of wooden biomass production from short rotation plantations (SRPs) sector in European regions. In particular, the event agenda will include 3 key topics:

  • Importance of SRPs for sustainable biomass supply in EU (environmental, social, economic and policy drivers).
  • Successful examples of SRP supply chains in EU.
  • Main barriers and winning strategies for SRP sector uptake.

The most promising market opportunities and the core sustainability aspects will be illustrated by relevant stakeholders like public authorities, companies and research entities.

Furthermore, given that the event is organized by the ROKWOOD Project, the most relevant results achieved so far within the project and linked to the principal message of the conference will be presented and disseminated.

The partners of ROKWOOD participating through different presentations during the day will be:

  • Christoph Knauer (ttz Bremerhaven, Germany) – “Introduction to ROKWOOD”.
  • Kevin Lindegaard (Crops for Energy, UK) – “Successful examples of SRP supply chains in EU – opportunities and winning strategies”.
  • Gonzalo Esteban (Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, Spain) – “Importance of SRP for sustainable biomass supply in EU – environmental, social, economic and policy drivers”.

If you wish to o attend this workshop, please make a regular conference registration for at least the day of the event here.

In addition, the ROKWOOD network is getting consolidated with the participation of the most relevant stakeholders in Europe, and it intends to keep growing. As part of the International Co-operation Strategy of the project, we have set up the “ROKWOOD marketplace”, which is designed for organizations to showcase their business offers and find partners. By the end of the project, our intention is to produce the largest publically available database of SRP businesses in the world.

If your institution (company, research centre, association, etc.) is involved in the production and use of woody biomass from SRPs, and it is not listed yet in our marketplace, you can register it here.

You will become a member of a large network of institutions to collaborate with, benefiting from other experiences. Besides, your organization will be shown on the list and costumers and interested parties will be able to find you through the search mask.

More than 100 organizations have already enrolled in the marketplace, a great opportunity to create business opportunities and solve all your needs!

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