Rethinking Water Event

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The consortium of the Water Scarcity project and FIT4REUSE project organized last December 2nd and 3rd, the Rethinking Water Event in Lisbon. This event brought together researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, experts, and policymakers with a genuine interest in water-related issues to discuss the most pressing challenges in Europe. Bioazul participated in two days conference as a partner of both projects on water reclamation.

The first day of the event started with a presentation of Carmen Galindo from EIT Food who talked about how to implement a water saving economy in Europe. After her intervention, a round table about solutions and policies to cope with water scarcity took place. In this round table highlighted some relevant experts as Fabio Masi, R&D&I Manager in IRIDRA Srl; Francesco Fattone, Full professor in UNIVPM; and Marta Lima, Executive Coordinator Portuguese Water Pact in CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business & Economics.

The rest of day was destined to the FIT4REUSE project which celebrated its 2nd Water Reuse Day. Attilio Toscano from UNIBO and general coordinator of FIT4REUSE was who opened this session and did a general overview about the project. Our colleague Rafael Casielles participated in this water reuse day where he explained the status of the water reuse pilots of the project.

The day finalized with a round table about the water-food nexus concept moderated by our CEO Antonia Lorenzo. The participants of the round table discussed about this new concept on non-conventional water resources.

The second day of the Rethinking Water Event was dedicated to the Water Scarcity project. The first session was focused on the Innowise scale, the programme within the project to support the water innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our colleague Rafael Casielles also participated in this second day as moderator of the round table on water reuse success cases. He had the opportunity to talk with Marta Carvalho, Innovation and Development Manager in Águas de Portugal and Pablo Pérez Robla, CEO of Aquacorp. Both shared their successful experience in the frame of water reuse.

The Rethinking Water Event resulted a great opportunity for learning about the innovations on water reuse and meeting experts and professionals of the sector.

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