Sustainable Development Goals

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The 25th September 2018 it celebrated three years of the approval by the United Nations Assembly of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). With a total of 17 objectives, the United Nations Organization is fighting mainly to end the inequality and injustice that exists in the countries and to combat climate change. In order to achieve these objectives, the contribution of all the actors involved is necessary: government, private sector, public sector and civil society.

For the first time in history, the private sector has been considered as a key development agent according to the 2030 Agenda, placing its performance at the same level as the states and civil society.

For its part, the Spanish Network of the Global Compact has created a campaign to collect good practices for members of the association, as well as shared key material to know the SDG. 77 partners participated in the campaign and the main themes have focused on health, the environment and responsible consumption.

The Spanish Network of the Global Compact, together with the mandate of the United Nations, aims to offer companies and other Spanish entities guidelines for action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. To do this, it has designed a Training Program in SDG aimed at any type of entity as well as helping to implement those objectives within the company strategy.

On the one hand, the training is based on a basic introduction of the SDG through multimedia resources, infographics and text, focused mainly for those workers who are less familiar with the concepts of sustainability.

On the other hand, through an interactive guide SDG helps any entity to integrate these objectives into its strategy through five steps: Know, Define priorities, Establish Objectives, Integrate and Report and Communicate.

Once finalized, a final report is generated that allows organizations to attach it to their sustainability report and inform stakeholders of their contribution to the SDG.

From Bioazul we contribute to the achievement of these objectives, including some of them in our corporate culture. An example of this is the struggle to obtain sustainable water and carry out water treatment processes, as well as the contribution of sustainable cities and communities, action by climate, non-polluting energy among others.

Our commitment to achieving these goals is reflected in our day-to-day work, where we strive to offer sustainable water solutions.

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