Reverse osmosis systems

BIOAZUL’s reverse osmosis plants are filtration plants that allow the total elimination of bacteria and viruses, both multivalent and monovalent ions, and most of the contaminants present in the water to be treated (industrial water, network well, refining sewage, etc.)

BIOAZUL reverse osmosis plants are filtration systems that allow the total elimination of bacteria, viruses, ions -both multivalent and monovalent- and most of the contaminants present in the water that needs to be treated (industrial water, well water, network, refining wastewater, etc). The water produced contains a very low concentration of salts and is suitable for reuse in most industrial processes, protecting facilities from corrosion generated by high conductivity and eliminating risks of microbiological contamination. Depending on the application, BIOAZUL adapts the water to the specific characteristics required by each client, allowing the process to be improved and maintenance to be reduced.

BIOAZUL has optimized the equipment to reduce the generation of rejection as much as possible, obtaining conversion rates of up to 75%. BIOAZUL equipment works in ranges from 1 to 16 bars depending on the customer’s requirements and uses membranes with enormous flow/surface performance.


Reuse of industrial process water – Source of osmosis water for cooling towers – Adaptation of well water for industrial and residential use – Ultrapure water for specific industrial processes – Water for human consumption – Concentration of products for recovery – Recovery of valuable substances – Purification of saline and sea water – Water for making beverages – Water for irrigation

Broad spectrum removal of contaminants.


Compact and modular systems – Reduced installation surface – High filtration performance – Reduced maintenance – Alarm, control and remote monitoring systems – Low pressure membranes.

High flow/surface performance.


Osmotized water for chemical production (Málaga),
: flow rate 5 m3/day.

Osmosis water for cooling tower Humilladero (Málaga),
: flow rate 25 m3/day.

Filtration plant for waste recovery (Valencia),
Spain: Flow rate 20 m3/day.