SBR – Sequential Batch Reactor

BIOAZUL SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) systems are compact wastewater treatment systems that produce treated water with quality standards suitable for reuse

BIOAZUL’s SBR equipment carries out the purification process in three well-differentiated stages: roughing and separation of solids, flow stabilization and biological phase (SBR chamber).

The high performance of the SBR allows the use of the system for long periods of time without the need to extract the accumulated sludge.
In these applied biological purification systems, all the stages of the purification process (nitrification, denitrification and decanting) take place in a single tank, significantly reducing the surface requirements and the associated investment costs.


Urban and industrial waters – Industrial waters – Small communities – Single family homes – Remote locations – Nutrient removal – High load industrial effluents – Sites with limited installation surface.

Treatment capacity: from 4 to 2,000 equivalent inhabitants.


Compact and modular systems – Reduced installation surface – High purification performance – Low sludge production – Reduced maintenance – Low visual impact, underground systems – Great stability against load and flow variations – Alarm, control and monitoring systems remote – Easy adaptability to existing plants and/or tanks (conversion of septic tanks) – Low energy consumption.

ECO energy saving system for periods of reduced activity.


Industrial effluent from a fishmeal factory, (Tarifa),
: flow rate 5 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the municipality of Carrión de los Céspedes, (Seville), Spain: flow rate 8 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the municipality of Carrión de los Céspedes, (Seville), Spain: flow rate 0.75 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the municipality of Pune, India, for irrigation and sanitary water reuse: flow rate 10 m3/day.