We finished the construction of Vertical Ecosystem

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Last week we finished the construction of the first hydroponic vertical garden irrigated with reclaimed water in the city of Malaga, located on the façade of the Mariposa Hotel, in the Soho neighborhood. The company BIOTONOMY AB has designed this new 100 m2 vertical ecosystem, one of the largest on the Costa del Sol, and is made up of 2,500 plants of 18 different species carefully selected to adapt to the environment and thrive in symbiosis. From BIOAZUL SL we have designed a gray water recycling station that produces enough reclaimed water to cover the water demand of the hydroponic garden.

This green wall will provide multiple benefits to the environment:

  • It will produce the oxygen needed for 100 people a year, it will absorb 230 kg of CO2, 13 kg of dust, 65 tons of harmful gases and 20 kg of heavy metals.
  • It will act as a temperature regulating element, reducing up to -5º indoors and -3º outdoors in hot seasons
  • It will reduce noise from the street, since it absorbs 41% more noise than a traditional facade.
  •  It will increase urban biodiversity, not only plants, but also birds and pollinators.
  • It will contribute to strengthening the identity of Soho Málaga as a singular and cosmopolitan neighbourhood, at the forefront of innovation and cultural entrepreneurship in the city.
  • It will do all this with 0 water consumption, since it reuses the hotel’s gray water for irrigation.

With the Vertical Ecosystem project, we have had the opportunity to show the people of Malaga the impact that Nature-based Solutions bring to cities, and all this has been possible thanks to the funding received by the METABUILDING PROJECT, which has given us the opportunity to apply decentralized and innovative such as the circular economy, nature-based solutions or hydroponic agriculture through the rehabilitation of buildings.


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