XVI ATEGRUS Conference on Controlled Landfills

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The next 25th and 26th of October will be the XVI ATEGRUS Conference on Controlled Landfills, in the framework of a new edition of the MUNICIPALIA-Fira de Lleida fair

On Wednesday, October 25 at the fair, the interesting presentations on projects and current cases will take place, and on Thursday 26th, a technical visit to the Municipal Waste Treatment Center is scheduled. of the Segrià.

One more year, this conference is expected to be an interesting framework in which a topic of great relevance is presented at the time of planning the waste management of a municipality or region, and where the vision of the current state and situation is exposed of the different subjects, techniques and technologies as well as future perspectives, taking into account the current legal framework and regulations.

In this edition the program includes as general topics several of the proposals and impressions reflected by the assistants of the last editions through the surveys, and that could be summarized in:

  • Experiences / practical cases of landfill management, problems-solutions.
  • Methods of exploitation, waterproofing, stability of slopes, sealing, safety and health
  • Tools available in the market to control the management and exploitation of landfills.
  • Landfill protection design.
  • Restoration of closed dumps, geological problems (settlement, earth movements, …). Separation of materials previous pouring.
  • Production and treatment of biogas and leachate, solution of leachate problems in small old dumps.
  • Odor treatment.
  • Landfill mining, experiences, cases carried out, viability, energy recovery, impacts, etc.
  • International experiences of Spanish companies.
  • Research projects, new processes and / or projects carried out, at European, national, etc.
  • The Future of Landfills and the Circular Economy.

And this program is what has led Bioazul to present the SMART GROUND project as an international experience on landfill mining and its focus on circular economy. Pilar Zapata explained the objectives and activities of the project and presented the platform developed by the consortium. He also explained the 5 fundamental points of the SMART GROUND methodology:


Available the updated program of the XVI ATERGUS Conference on Controlled Landfills. More information on the conference website HERE.

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