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On October 14th, 2015 it took place the 1st Internationalization for SMEs workshop, a specialized event in which public and private actors have shown more than 400 businessmen and professionals expansion possibilities of products, services and ideas through five sectoral committees. This day was organized by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism through School of Industrial Organization (EOI); FYCMA -dependent co-organized by the City of Malaga, and the Joint Group of International Strategy (IGEC) ‘Global Málaga’; and promoted by Unicaja. For its part, the European Social Fund (ESF) has co-financed the project.

Jornada internacionalización PYMES Málaga

“The European market is all ours, and we are close not far from West Africa and Latin America”

During the opening ceremony the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre stressed that the current market conditions “have forced the Spanish economy to look out“, with the impact this has had on export. Along with this, it has highlighted the strategic importance of Malaga for outsourcing. “The European market is all ours, and we are close not far from West Africa and Latin America”.

Jornada internacionalización PYMES Málaga

Institutional representatives, technical administration, businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals have participated in a series of lectures and workshops aimed at providing tools, experiences, success stories and business opportunities in the process of internationalization of small and medium enterprises, plus advice.

In the five sectoral committees have been discussed business opportunities and convergence in the global market of the food industry, tourism, ICT and infrastructure, energy and environment.

Jornada internacionalización PYMES Málaga

Related to the environment topic, Antonia Lorenzo was explaining the BIOAZUL experience and how Internationalization is a strategic line in the development of the company.

It was therefore a good opportunity for sharing experiences on this strategic aspect in the current entrepreneurship, learning and business opportunities outside traditional markets.

En esta última participó Antonia Lorenzo explicando la trayectoria de BIOAZUL y como para nosotros la Internacionalización es una línea estratégica en el desarrollo de nuestra empresa.

Fore more info:  www.jornadainterpyme.com

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