Bioazul joins the Andalusian Network Against Climate Change (REDAC)

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Bioazul joins the Andalusian Network Against Climate Change (REDAC)

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Recently, Bioazul has joined the Andalusian Network Against Climate Change (REDAC), an open space where all companies can participate and share their experience to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and adopt measures to reduce it. 

REDAC is a project promoted by HIDRALIA and managed by Cátedra Hidralia + UGR, the Chair that it holds together with the University of Granada, with the aims to educate about the problems arising from climate change and act to mitigate them.

This Network acts as a permanent forum where all the member entities exchange their experiences, value the projects developed and share information on mitigation and adaptation, while establishing business, institutional and public-private alliances.

The reduction of Climate Change is one of the most relevant concerns in society today, especially since the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) held in Paris in 2015, where it was showed that climate change is one of the the key issues for Sustainable Development and even occupies one of the main sections in the UN Goals 2030. From then, many governments take measures to reduce their emissions and implement policies to combat this threat.

For this reason, the signers of the commitment of the Andalusian Network against Climate Change have agreed to promote the following actions:

  • Help achieve the objectives for Sustainable Development and New Urban Agenda 2030.
  • Contribute to the communication and knowledge of future laws on Climate Change.
  • Act as a reference and driver of change towards a more sustainable management model.
  • Promote the reduction of  emissions with greenhouse effects..
  • Provide experiences and knowledge on mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Promote the awareness of companies, administrations and society in the field of Climate Change.
  • Participate in the activity of the Network, sharing good practices and projects that may be of interest to society.
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