BIOAZUL and the UMA promote sustainability with the InformPack workshop

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InformPack Workshop: Education for sustainable waste management

At BIOAZUL we have signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Malaga within the framework of our InformPac project through the Vice-Rectorate of SMART-CAMPUS; through which the university aspires to become a national and international benchmark in sustainability. To this end, it develops an extensive program of activities and strives to train responsible students who can serve as sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

On this occasion, on November 22 and 23, we organized a workshop at the Faculty of Education to promote recycling and sustainability among students. With the aim of educating about good waste management and recycling, increasing citizens’ confidence in the recycling process and promoting a more sustainable packaging culture.

The sessions began working with Recycle Hero, an online survey developed in the project that allows us to know what the consumer knows about the recycling of different containers while providing information in a very interactive way.

After this contact, we held a talk in which we explained the work we are developing in the project while showing the recycling situation in Spain and Europe. And a small masterclass was given on waste segregation, which went beyond the basic concepts that we all know about the appropriate container for each waste, dealing with more complicated materials such as bioplastics and explaining the process behind our actions, that is, what happens to the packaging after citizens place it in the appropriate containers, a key issue to increase consumer confidence.

The second part of the workshop was designed to make a direct intervention on the faculty. The objective was to use the bins and containers that already existed in the center to create recycling islands, in a way that facilitates the segregation process in the students’ daily lives.

For this action we had the collaboration of AMAS Málaga, the Metropolitan Association of Social Artists, who taught us how to customize the containers with different designs, and make them creatively easily identifiable. To complete the action, each recycling island has been accompanied by information posters that help with the correct segregation of waste and promote sustainable practices in the use of different spaces.

As a culmination of this activity, the artists from the AMAS Málaga association created a very artistic infographic on one of the walls of the faculty’s student lounge, which represents the three R’s of sustainability: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

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