BOOST: training programme for agribusiness acceleration

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In that last quarter of the year, BOOST began, our latest project funded by Eramus+ programme of the European Commision, focused on promoting agribusiness acceleration and the creation of networks of digital centers by providing a sophisticated business training program for the application of sustainable methodologies. of precision agriculture (AP) in management, entrepreneurship and marketing, networks and digital transformation through new organizational models (agribusiness incubators/accelerators, access to digital hubs for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge), linking Higher Education, Training Professional, Research and Technological Development, Farmers and Associations in a common framework based on their real training needs in AP.

On October 4 and 5, the project’s Kick Off Meeting took place, a first contact for the consortium partners to get to know each other and define the first steps to follow. In this first stage, the consortium will focus on assessing the training needs of students and the skills gaps related to precision agriculture technologies. This will be done through different surveys that will be carried out on people in the field of research, students and people working in agriculture.

Our role at Bioazul will focus on assessing training needs, as well as the development of educational content. To do this, we will bring our technical vision to the design and development of short modules with a combination of new digital resources, video tutorials and self-directed lessons.

We will also play an advisory role to education professionals, academic institutions and policymakers on how to effectively integrate ICT into teaching, learning and assessment practices in a variety of educational settings.

Finally, we will participate in the practical dissemination and exploitation of the project results as well as advising the project partners on the digital strategy

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