Connecting Nature Innovation Summit

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The Connecting Nature Innovation Summit took place from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2021, a virtual event where Bioazul participated.

This was the first edition of the Summit where Glasgow was the city chosen to host the event, although due to COVID it was finally held virtually. The Innovation Summit shared the learning from the community of cities involved in Connecting Nature and introduced the innovative tools and methods being developed through the project focused on Nature-Based Solutions.

The event counted with over 870 delegates, 58 presenters, 12 facilitators, 11 session chairs, 11 expo booth contributors, 6 notetakers, 2 workshop trainers, 3 filmmakers, 1 graphic designer, 1 production and events company, a steering group, a working group…

The Summit focused on the following themes:

  • Reducing the risks – nature-based solutions for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, water management and extreme weather events.
  • Healing sick cities – nature-based solutions for health, wellbeing, place-based planning, human scale, food growing and food provision.
  • Routes to recovery – nature-based solutions for a green recovery from the economic recession following Covid-19, nature-based skills, employability and enterprise.

Bioazul participated in the first day of the Summit with Gerardo González as one of the panellists of the round table “Big climate challenge – how cities can adapt and innovate using nature-based solutions”. In a joint presentation with Cristian García from Promálaga, he talked about how Bioazul contributes to address climate change challenges related to water scarcity in Málaga. The real focus was on innovation in relation to exploring interesting technical solutions that have the potential for upscaling to address a challenge on the scale of climate change.

The attendees of this event had also the opportunity of visit a virtual exhibition area within the Hopin platform where companies and other organizations had a space to share their innovations and services. Bioazul was one of the companies that participated as an expo contributor.


Tender Opportunities!

The Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform is inviting tenders from suitably qualified individuals to serve as a Community Ambassador on the Platform for the period from May 2021 – April 2022:

  • Sustainable Tourism Community Ambassador
  • Financial Services for NBS Community Ambassador
  • Ecosystem Creation, Restoration and Management Ambassador

About the Role: Community Ambassadors are industry leaders passionate about the sector they work in; determined to increase the visibility of the sector and connect together like-minded enterprises in a spirit of community building and collaboration. The community ambassador showcases best practice in the sector, raise awareness about the benefits and risks of nature-based solutions and share sector-specific opportunities among community members.

For further information about the role, resources available and how to submit an application please visit

Deadline for applications is 21st April 2021 (for Financial Services for NBS Community and the Ecosystem Creation, Restoration and Management Community) and 30th April 2021 (for Sustainable Tourism Community).

Newsletter of the Community on NBS for Water Management

The first newsletter of the NBS for Water Management Community has just been released!

Link to Newsletter:

On a monthly basis, we will share with you the most exciting news and opportunities posted on the Platform, and will introduce you to our members. Newsletters will also include photo contests, surveys and much more. Would you like to be featured in next month’s Community News? Register and complete your organisation profile on the Platform and send an email to with a link to your profile and a photo or a video.

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