Aquaculture early stage researchers are trained on European projects development and management

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BIOAZUL teaches the training modules on proposal preparation and management of EU projects for the 6 ESRs of easyTRAIN projet

From the 17th to the 20th of April, 2023 the University of Ferrara together with the University of Murcia organized in Ferrara (Italy) the 3rd Training Module on “Microalgae Biotechnology & Transversal skills” in the in the framework of easyTRAIN project.

In this course the 6 ESRs (early stage researchers) participating in easyTRAIN project were trained in complementary skills such as proposals preparation and project management and dissemination and communication by the partner organisations BIOAZUL and WE&B respectively.

easyTRAIN project works on the development of an eco-innovative aquaculture system training for European industrial doctorates. In this context, 6 selected early stage researchers (ESRs) work on their aquaculture-related industrial doctorates hosted and supervised by easyTRAIN partners, and they are also trained on different transversal skills. One of these skills is project development and management.

From BIOAZUL we developed three training modules, focused on Horizon Europe project proposals preparation, Horizon Europe project management and project results exploitation strategies respectively. The main topics covered were:

Module 1, Horizon Europe proposals preparation.

  • Session 1: Introduction to Horizon Europe programme, training on the Funding & Tenders portal use and preparation of part A of a project proposal.
  • Session 2: Preparation of Excellence and Implementation sections of part B of a project proposal.
  • Session 3: Preparation of Impact section of part B of a project proposal and budget development.

Module 2, Horizon Europe project management.

  • Session 4: Participants register and validation, Grant Agreement preparation, Grant management.
  • Session 5: Project monitoring and reporting, continuous reporting module, periodic reporting module.

Module 3, project results exploitation strategy.

  • Session 6: Key exploitable results, exploitation roadmap, useful tools.
  • Session 7: Business plan development, SWOT analyses, business canvases.

This course has been an opportunity to continue advancing in our training activity in the preparation of proposals for European projects and in their subsequent management. For BIOAZUL it is a pleasure to be able to contribute to the training of the new generations of researchers and continue advancing in innovation together.

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