FIT4REUSE project celebrates its first year

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FIT4REUSE project, focused on sustainable solutions for the use of unconventional water resources in  Mediterranean agriculture, celebrates its first year since it began on July 1, 2019.

FIT4REUSE is a project financed by the PRIMA programme with the aim of developing solutions based on nature and innovative technologies applied to agriculture and aquifer recharge, promoting a more extensive use of desalinated water as an alternative and reducing economic, environmental and social impacts as a guarantee for the future.

During these first twelve months, the experimentation has been carried out with different technologies for the reuse of water in various pilot plants. Specifically, an Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor has been installed for water treatment and nutrient recovery in Italy, an artificial wetland system in Tunisia and soil aquifer treatment system in Israel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some works in the pilot plants have been slowed down, however, the project partners are optimistic about the following activities to be carried out. In Italy and France, 2 experimental plots will be installed to study the effects of reclaimed water on agriculture. For this, technical aspects of irrigation are going to be measured, such as the type of material used. In the case of regenerated waters, these present a higher salinity and quantity of solids, so when used with materials such as drippers, these can become clogged. For this reason, the most appropriate systems will be evaluated, as well as the different storage and transport measures.

On the other hand, in the coming months, tools will be developed for greater water control and sustainable nutrient management. It is very important to educate farmers on the proper use of nutrients for reclaimed waters, since these contain a high level and an excess of nutrients causes more contamination. For this reason, farmers will be offered tools for optimal water control.

Another of the planned activities for late Autumn 2020 is the Water Reuse Day, an event that will be held in Italy aiming at reaching wider public and expanding the size of the local reuse forums by bringing additional stakeholders in contact with the project,

Finally, experimentation and testing work will continue in the pilot plants.

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