FRESH-DEMO Project at Food Waste Solution Contest

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The REFRESH project has launched a Food Waste Solution Contest looking for the most innovative ideas to tackle food waste in Europe and our FRESH DEMO project is among them

170208 - Refresh projectAccording to the European Commission, around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros. In this context is not a surprise that this is an important concern for the European administrations and many projects with the aim of tackling Food waste reduction, contemplated in Challenge 2 of Horizon2020, are receiving European funding.

 is one of these projects, which objective is the reduction of avoidable waste and improved valorization of food resources through research for a better understanding of the drivers of food waste, closing strategic agreements between governments, business and stakeholders and dissemination of social, technological and organizational practices related to food waste.

For the latest purpose, the project has launched a Food Waste Solution Contest across Europe for the most innovative solution to the problem of food waste with the aim of recognizing these ideas and encourage their spread.

From the FRESH-DEMO project, which objective is the waste reduction and quality improvement of fruits and vegetables via an innovative and energy-efficient humidification technology, we have participated in this contest and we invite you to discover more about our project and vote for our solution if you like it.

If you are also interested in discovering more about the ultrasonic humidification technology, you can see a live demonstration in our next events:

fruit logistica                      Foro transfiere                       Workshop

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