Fruit Attraction 2019: more sustainable and ecological fruits and vegetables

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Fruit Attraction 2019, the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry, held on October 22-24 at IFEMA (Madrid) where Bioazul and Contronics attended as exhibitors

Fruit Attraction has become in the last five years the technological and commercial benchmark for the international fruit and vegetable sector, surpassing the visit of more than 90,000 professionals from 130 countries. Marketing, innovation, quality and knowledge have been the premises of this latest edition, allowing fruit and vegetable operators to retain their business relationships and open up new opportunities in different markets. The organizers of the fair have confirmed an increase of 10% in relation to the 2018 edition, both at an exhibition level, with more than 55,000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors that amounted to 1,800.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, inaugurated the event where he pointed out that there is still a future for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, despite breixit and additional US tariffs on national food and beverages.

The fair offered an exhibition area for participating companies to present their latest news, products and different services of the distribution channel. This edition has had the participation of China, India and Singapore as guest importing countries and man characters of the World Fresh forum, organized by the Secretary of State for Commerce, ICEX, IFEMA and FEPEX to analyze trade challenges.

Fruit Attraction also held the Accelera Awards intended to reward those companies in the fruit and vegetable sector that are committed to innovation and entrepreneurship. Among the winners, Trops stands out, the leading Malaga-based company in the production and marketing of tropical fruit, which was awarded as ‘Best Online Company of the Year’ by Fruit Today magazine.

In addition, there was a space for discussion and knowledge exchange in which a broad program of technical conferences and sector events was offered. Some of them were the Innova Forum, the Innovation Hub gallery, where the most innovative products of the last year were shown or the showcooking that took place throughout the fair in the Chef Factory area.

This latest edition of Fruit Attraction has also been marked by the commitment to the elimination of plastics. Consumers increasingly demand that the packaging and wrapping of the products be ecological and contribute to the preservation of the environment. For this reason, many of the participating companies have presented their advances in the elimination of plastics, replacing them with other biodegradable, compostable or fully recyclable materials, such as cardboard or wood.

The Bioazul team attended Fruit Attraction to raise awareness of the #UltraFresh ultrasonic humidifiers that keep products fresher. During the three days, different professionals came to ask about the operation of this technology. To do this, Bioazul had a display of fruits and vegetables and a humidification system with which it showed live the mist of tiny drops of water that it generates and that allows the environment to be cooled reaching the optimum humidity conditions and extending the useful life of Fresh products Bioazul was supported by Contronics, a leader in the manufacture of humidifiers in Europe, who also participated in the live exhibition of ultrasonic humidifiers.

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