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The European Commission finances a service aimed at providing specialized and professional advice on Intellectual Property to European universities and public research organizations that seek to obtain value from their research results.

This service is called IP Booster (Intellectual Property Booster), where a group of experts examines each case and guides towards the best intellectual property strategy, free of charge and fully supported by the European Commission.

The services offered are:

  1. Initial IP Audit. Determine the type and amount of IP protection you need for your project’s intellectual assets, and whether you need to acquire rights to third party IPRs
  2. Patents Landscaping. Design a patent landscape so you can clearly identify which commercialisation pathways are best for your research.
  3. IP evaluation or due diligence. Conduct a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by your project and estimating their future value
  4. Patents, design and trade market applications. Prepare your project’s patent, design and trademark applications.
  5. Negotiating technology transfer. Provide advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements.

All these services are aimed at public research organizations and universities which:

  • Generate high-quality research, and eager to improve its impact on the market.
  • Try to better address IP issues associated with commercialisation.
  • Search for experts who can help you develop a successful intellectual property strategy.

The experts follow these eligibility criteria:

  • The application must come from a European University or Public Research Organisation.
  • The organisation must have benefited from EU funds for research at some time.
  • National funds must not be available that could support you to secure similar IP services.
  • Requested services should not duplicate other services you are already receiving.

Regarding the assessment criteria these are: technology, market, stage of development, research team, institutional track record, ownership, protectability, value creation process, proposed exploitation route, benefits to the commercialisation and future access to finance from the IP services.

The call for applications is continuously open, assessments of applications will be carried out at regular intervals. The deadline to be considered for the second assessment round is 31 October.

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