PAVITR: India-EU cooperation for the wastewater treatment

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On September 23, Bioazul received the visit of the Professor Girish R. Pophali from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute – NEERI in Nagpur (India).

The team of Bioazul and the professor Girish works together in the co-designing of several water treatment solutions for PAVITR, the India-EU project focused on the treatment and safe reuse of wastewater in India. The project started on 1st February 2019 which aims to validate, develop and deploy cost-effective & sustainable solutions to tackle water challenges and ensure the provision of safe water reuse, rejuvenate water quality of rivers, and restore degraded ecosystems in India.

Bioazul will support the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) in the design and installation of a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and a Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film Reactor (SAFF) in Nagpur, concretely regarding their optimisation and automation.

During his visit, the Prof. Girish could talk with Antonia Lorenzo, CEO of Bioazul, and Alejandro Caballero, the engineer of Bioazul, and share each of them their experience and make synergies for the well development of the project.

They also went to visit the RichWater site, a technology of wastewater treatment that Bioazul has in the facilities of IHSM- CSIC La Mayora in Algarrobo (Málaga). This system works similar as the technology that Bioazul will install in the PAVITR project. Alejandro explained to the Prof. Girish the main characteristics and benefits of this technology.

Dr. Remedios Romero also joined them and explained the RichWater project agronomic research and results.The cooperation with Indian partners is very enriching for Bioazul and will hopefully have high impact in India water management schemes and will open new business opportunities for all.

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