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  • EIT COMMUNITY WATER SCARCITY: Innovative solutions for water scarcity in Europe

EIT COMMUNITY WATER SCARCITY: Innovative solutions for water scarcity in Europe


Innovative solutions to cope with water scarcity

Boosting innovation in target sectors

Strengthening cross-networks

Water is a precondition to life on Earth and essential for a sustainable socioeconomic development, food security and healthy ecosystems. The growing population, the demographic changes, massive urbanisation trends and climate change, among other factors, are increasing pressure over the available water resources. The aim of the project “Water scarcity in South” is to enhance knowledge and overcome current barriers to tackle water scarcity in Southern Europe through innovation, entrepreneurship, education and communication. 

This programme carries out a series of activities, from research to innovation and education, to joint efforts and effectively find the appropriate solutions to water shortages and contribute to reducing Europe’s water consumption and wastage by: 

  • Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship by supporting scaleups and SMEs offering solutions to tackle specific water-related challenges faced by several stakeholders in their daily operations. 
  • Creating a strong experts’ community to progress on the key challenges to tackle water scarcity, with a special focus on Water Governance, Financial Schemes and Legal Enforcement. 
  • Sharing knowledge to build capabilities to business and individuals to ensure the environmental sustainability of any business and of our daily activities. 



  • Contribute to the economic and social progress in modest and moderated innovation countries targeted. 
  • Strengthen local innovation in RIS regions by tackling water scarcity as a common threat.  
  • Consolidate the cross-KIC activity as a relevant initiative in the water arena, as a unique and multidisciplinary programme. 



EIT Food (Belgium) 

EIT Climate-KIC (Netherlands) 

EIT Manufacturing (France) 

EIT Digital (Spain) 

Bioazul (Spain) 

“Athena” Research and Innovation Center (Greece) 

TU Delft (Netherlands) 

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Status: Finished

Contract: EIT – 20326 

Funding programme: EIT RIS innovation programme 

Duration: 1st January 2020 – 31st December 2022 (48 months)

Budget: 675,000 €

Contact person: Rafael Casielles (rcasielles@bioazul.com)