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FRESH-DEMO: Humidification throughout the distribution chain

Millions of tons of vegetables and fruits are harvested and distributed throughout Europe every year. But the long routes of distribution of said merchandise in combination with insufficient technologies for adequate transport and storage, lead to a large amount of wasted food and products that reach the consumer with lower quality than desired.

Full-scale demonstrations of the FRESH-DEMO technology were carried out throughout the fruit and vegetable supply chain.

In this context, the ROKWOOD project was created in 2012, made up of a consortium of 20 European organizations grouped into regional clusters that included research centers, municipalities and agricultural associations or entities related to biomass production. The main objective of the project was the promotion of the sustainable use of woody biomass for the generation of clean energy.

In the project, they analyzed the main obstacles that currently prevent further development of the sector, thus constituting a base from which to promote said sector and boost it through the generation of new ideas, the production of cooperation projects and the identification of sources of financing that allow them to be financed.

The ROKWOOD consortium sought to make the market favor the production and transformation of biomass to generate energy through the identification of possibilities for innovation, research and development at all levels: planting and harvesting systems and technologies, legislation, conservation and transformation etc

During the project, different dissemination activities were carried out, such as seminars and workshops, providing information to farmers, organizations and authorities related to the sector about the numerous possibilities of application, as well as the great impact on local employment.


Four real-scale case studies were carried out throughout the entire supply chain:

  • Strawberries (Origin Huelva-Spain, Destination Bremerhaven-Germany)
  • Asparagus (Origin Kirchdorf-Germany, Destination Bremerhaven-Germany)
  • Peaches and nectarines (Origin Gamboletta-Italy, Destination Roosendaal-Holland)
  • Table grapes (Origin Polignano-Italy, Destination Roosendaal-Holland)

Thanks to these demonstrations, the market potential of this technology became evident. So that with an exhaustive analysis of the results obtained in terms of ecological, technological and economic benefits, as well as with the realization of an in-depth study of the state of the sector, it is intended to establish a market strategy that allows the incorporation of FRESH-DEMO technology to the current market. Here you can download a summary document with the results of the demonstrations carried out and the rest of the technical tests carried out by Bioazul to verify our UltraFRESH ultrasonic humidification technology.


Full-scale demonstrations of FRESH-DEMO technology throughout the entire food supply chain, providing a fresh, humid and hygienic environment, without interrupting the cold chain; in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the freshness, shelf life and hygiene, as well as the sensory properties of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce avoidable bio-waste, which is generated by storage and transport conditions.
  • Reduce the packaging material needed.
  • Reduce energy consumption compared to conventional cooling systems.
  • Achieve cost savings of approximately 20% (due to reduced waste and packaging materials, lower energy costs, higher sales, etc.) in the fruit and vegetable distribution chain.


  • Introduction of the FRESH-DEMO system as an eco-efficient product in the logistics of the European food sector.
  • Increased handling efficiency during the storage, transport and sale of fruits and vegetables.
  • Disseminate and promote knowledge about how the system affects the ecological and economic sustainability of the distribution of vegetables and fruits in the food industry.
  • Market introduction of the system in the fruit and vegetable sector in Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Take advantage of the potential for cost savings and increase the competitiveness of the European fruit and vegetable sector.

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Initial sheet:

Website: www.fresh-demo.eu

Status: Completed

Funding Program:  Horizon 2020

Contract nº: 634699

Duration: March 1, 2015 – February 28, 2017 (24 months)

Budget: 2.565.006,25€ (financiación CE: 1.994.828,89€)