MBR – Membrane Bioreactor

BIOAZUL’s Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) are state-of-the-art compact equipment for wastewater treatment that use membrane filtration technologies, producing very high quality water suitable for reuse.

These MBR units combine the biological treatment of water by activated sludge with a solid-liquid separation process using a physical membrane.

MBR equipment uses low pressure micro- or ultrafiltration membranes, thus eliminating the need for an additional clarification and tertiary treatment stage. MBRs produce very high quality water suitable for direct reuse or as a very high quality water source for reverse osmosis filtration equipment.


Urban and industrial water treatment: Treatment capacity: 4 to 2,000 equivalent inhabitants

The effluent obtained in an MBR unit is suitable for reuse in any of the uses provided for in Royal Decree 1620/2007 on the reuse of treated water.

Urban uses: irrigation of gardens and discharge of toilets or irrigation of common areas, street washing, vehicle cleaning, etc.

Agricultural uses: crop irrigation, irrigation of products for human consumption, pasture irrigation, etc.

Industrial uses: cleaning and process water in industry, cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Recreational uses: Irrigation of golf courses, ponds and bodies of water not accessible to the public.

Environmental uses: recharge of aquifers, irrigation of green areas, forestry, etc.


Compact and modular systems – Reduced installation surface – High purification performance – Indicated for difficult-to-treat industrial wastewater – Low sludge production – Great stability against load and flow variations – Alarm, control and remote monitoring systems – Easy adaptability to existing plants and/or tanks (conversion of septic tanks)

ECO energy saving system for periods of reduced activity.


Urban effluent from Camping Las Lomas (Granada), Spain: to be discharged into a body of water: flow rate 12 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the 5-star Resort Hotel (Golden Sands), Malta: for reuse in irrigation and sanitary water: flow rate 12 m3/day.

Industrial effluent from the Holstein Winery (Kindenheim), Germany: flow rate 2.1 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the municipality of Pune, India, for irrigation and sanitary water reuse: flow rate 35 m3/day.

Urban effluent from the municipality of Cártama, Spain: for reuse in agriculture: flow rate 35 m3/day.