The students of the Prácticas Nº1 school of Malaga discover the NbS

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Under the framework of our Connecting Nature project on Nature Based Solutions, on May 12 we organized a workshop for the pupils in the 6th year of primary school (CEIP) Prácticas Nº1 in the city of Malaga to talk about the benefits of having an urban school garden as well as the use of NbS.

The workshop that was given by the Bioazul team was held on the roof of the school where the school garden is located. There the students were able to carry out different activities such as the collection of vegetables already planted previously and the planting of new species. To do this, from the Connecting Nature project they were provided with different garden tools, as well as other materials to recondition the orchard. Another of the activities carried out was the creation of an insect hotel where the life of these very particular living beings was explained to the students, their vital importance in the ecosystem and how the different materials included in this insect hotel work.

After this first part, the day continued in the classroom where the students were able to learn the differences between a conventional garden and an urban school garden, its care and the species that live in it, as well as the healthy advantages that an urban garden brings to our organism. We also talk about Nature-Based Solutions and their beneficial effect on climate change. To reinforce the learning of this knowledge, a playful activity was organized where the students had to answer questions about the orchards.

On the other hand, we also organized with Social Climate a route for the climate in the city of Malaga the students in the 4th year of this primary school. With this activity, the students worked on the most basic concepts to understand the causes and effects of climate change, taking them to their closest reality and reflecting collectively to explore solutions.

In addition to these activities carried out with the students, we also had a meeting with the people in charge of the educational center as well as other local entities such as Promálaga. This meeting served to present them with an activity notebook dedicated to NbS with the aim of working on it with the students.

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