Water Market Europe 2019: new solutions for water problems on Food&Drink sector

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Last 20th and 21st March, the Water Market Europe 2019 took place in Brussels (Belgium).

This event was organized by the WssTP (European Water Platform) which in this edition it was focused on the Food&Drink sector which requires, in terms of technological solutions, almost the totality of most innovating water technologies, covers the full water cycle and has a high impact on climate challenges. Water management is one of the greatest challenges facing the Food&Drink sector today, with far-reaching implications for society.

Water Market Europe 2019 aimed at providing to the event participants specialized insights on the water market scenario, support water innovative solutions to reach the market, to create new business opportunities, find fitting solutions to water management challenges and the needs for investments, and enhance stakeholder network.

Bioazul attended this event about water sector which was divided in two days. The first one consisted on a conference which was opened by Durl Krol, Executive Director of WssTP. The conference was aimed at the actors of the agri-food industry where their main problems related to water were exposed and some of the solutions for it. The conference addressed the following topics:

  • The Market Scenario. The Water Market trends for the Food&Drink sector were presented within this section.
  • Investing Perspectives and Opportunities.
  • Market Place: There were presentations by the Food & Beverage companies looking for innovative solutions to water-related challenges.
  • MarketPlace: There were presentations by the Water System Integrators showcasing solutions for the Food&Drink sector.
  • B2B meetings between the presenting participants (Problem owners) and the Attending participants (Solution providers) and it also between all the participants and the investors.

During the second day different Working Groups were organized. Bioazul participated in the Water&Agrifood group where Antonia Lorenzo (CEO of Bioazul) and Rafael Casielles (Project Manager of Bioazul) presented some of the projects that are currently carried out. e.g.: Water2REturn related to circular economy and RichWater and SUWANU EUROPE based in the use of reclaimed water in agriculture.

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