We joined the SME Friends of UNICEF program

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We are happy to share our recent addition to the Pymes Amigas initiative of UNICEF Spain. It is a collaboration agreement with UNICEF that aims to provide children with education, as well as the water, sanitation and hygiene they need to survive, grow up healthy and defend the rights of children, especially the most vulnerable.

SME Friends is a UNICEF Spain program specially designed for small and medium-sized companies, professional associations and other groups in the private sector. Thanks to the combined efforts of the organizations that participate in this program, the impact of their collaboration increases, making it possible for UNICEF Spain to protect and promote children who need it most.

Bioazul‘s donation in 2022 will go to the ‘Schools for Africa’ education program, a global initiative of which UNICEF is a part whose objective is to guarantee quality education and achieve real changes in the lives of boys and girls in 13 countries Africans.

Drinking water in the face of the worst drought in 40 years

Thanks to the SME Friends program of UNICEF, from Bioazul, we will contribute to improving quality education in schools. Schools are safe places for boys and girls, where they not only learn and have access to a better future, but are also spaces in which to provide access to vaccination, food, sanitation or drinking water, essential elements to guarantee their health. and keep going to school.

For example, this school in Sopel, Kenya, supported by UNICEF, installed energy-powered water pumps in September, which will help children in the area to face the worst drought in the Horn of Africa region in 40 years. School is a lifeline for children where they can access clean water and a daily meal and avoid malnutrition. These solar-powered water installations are resistant to climate shocks. This protects the health of children from school.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we believe that we have the possibility and the responsibility to promote positive changes in society by influencing our business environment and the lives of the people who work at Bioazul and its surroundings. That is why this year, more than ever, we have realized the power of our voice and we have actively used our networks to promote good practices in gender equality, in sustainability and in raising awareness about the importance of caring for water resources.

In this context we join this solidarity project. For Bioazul, being part of SMEs Amigas generates enormous personal and corporate satisfaction. We believe that betting on this solidarity social action will bring us a differentiation in our way of working and in our entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that by assuming this commitment we are more responsible in a social situation that undoubtedly requires everyone’s collaboration. With just €3, UNICEF can provide drinking water to 2 children for 1 month.

Collaborate now: https://www.unicef.es/colabora/empresas/pymes-amigas

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