BOOST-IN Kick-Off Meeting: Unifying goals and charting a course for water innovation and circular economy

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BOOST-IN is our new Horizon Europe project that aims to implement an effective strategy for the water sector to embrace a circular economy, promoting technological advancements, governance changes, mindset shifts, and organizational restructuring. The project seeks to achieve this by facilitating the transfer of innovative Water Circular Economy Solutions (WACES) and initiatives, promoting water cycle closure, water reuse, and the recovery of energy, nutrients, and by-products from wastewater based on real-life experiences in the circular economy.

On the 23rd and 24th of January, BIOAZUL organized the Kick-Off Meeting for BOOST-IN in the city of Malaga. This was the first meeting for the 12 partners that make up the consortium of the project and it was also the best opportunity to set the basis for the first steps of the project.

The ambitious approach of BOOST-IN project requires multidisciplinary efforts at both the EU and regional levels, with a focus on 6 Regions of Opportunity: Lowery Saxony in Germany, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, Bretagne and Pays de la Loire in France, Srednogorie in Bulgaria, Peloponnese in Greece and Andalusia in Spain. The inclusion of these regions allows to work in a localized context in terms of social, policy and business aspects. Working with stakeholders in these regions, the project can identify the specific challenges and opportunities for implementing Water Circular Economy Solutions in each area and develop solutions that are suited to the local context.

Regions of Opportunity have been selected based on potential for CE implementation due to external drivers (e.g. water scarcity), end-user needs, interest of policy makers, existing social barriers, and also strong connections with the partners of the project.

During the meeting, consortium members shared insights and visions, key strategic steps were outlined to address challenges related to water management and the application of circular economy principles. One of the key topics during the meeting was discussion on innovation scouting tasks. Consortium members deliberated on effective ways to commence this process, identifying innovative technologies and engage them to the project activities.

Additionally, exploration of potential synergies with our sister project CIRSEAU, funded by the European Commission, took place. This strategic collaboration promises to further strengthen ongoing initiatives and maximize the impact of both projects in the realm of water and circular economy.

In summary, the inaugural meeting of the BOOST-IN project was a resounding success, marking a great start for the team. Consortium members are enthusiastic and committed to working together to address water challenges and foster innovative solutions in the circular economy.

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