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  • INCEPPP: Innovative method of circular economy in public and private procurement


  • Circular economy training
  • Methodology on circular public and private procurement
  • Methodology for lecturers on circular public and private procurement

Circular economy is an effective wayto reduce large sums of different kinds of waste, to reuse material that has already been used, to reduce unnecessary use of raw materials and to ensure sustainable development for next generations. Public and private procurement is an area where implementation of circular economy principles will have a great positive impact. For that reason, 3 partner organizations from 3 different European countries (Czechia, Slovakia and Spain) and long-time active in the field of circular economy have created the InCEPPP project.

InCEPPP is a European project, financed by the Erasmus+ programme under the European Commission Framework, which aims to create and evaluate methodologies for circular economy in public and private procurement.


During 24-month long innovative project will consist of:

  • Elaborating two professional methodologies, as a result od the two intellectual outputs of the project, focused on circular economy public and private procurement. These methodologies will be created by an intellectual output team consisting of specialists for this topic.
  • Three transnational project meetings will be organized during the project to have deep discussins on the topic, share leassons learned and define the contents of the methodologies.
  • Three multiplier events used as a platform for validation and dissemination of the two methodologies. Project partners from each project country will organize one multiplier event at the end of the project.

This project is actively supported by Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that is a leader on Czech market in process of responsible public and private procurement (Letter of Intent).


The main results of the project will be:

  • Methodology on circular public and private procurement
  • Methodology for lecturers on circular public and private procurement


All project partners are for a long time in close cooperation and are experienced in circular economy. They are also in active contact with stakeholders from public and private spheres in their countries. Moreover, all project partners are experienced in organizing circular economy conferences, seminars, workshops and other professional events. Thanks to organization of these events, project partners are in real and active contact with target groups of this project.

After this project ends, project partners intend to organize for a long time the courses of circular economy public and private procurement that can be realized only thanks to the methodologies from this project. So, the impact and long-term benefit of this project for industry and society will be high in all project countries.

BIC Brno (República Checa)

INCIEN SK (Eslovaquia)

BIOAZUL (España)

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Initial Sheet:

Status: Active

Financing program: Erasmus +

Contract nº: KA202-078442

Duration: December 31, 2020 – December 30, 2022 (24 months)

Budget: 130.710€

Contact: Sara Hernández (shernadez@bioazul.com)