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HUMIDIFICATION: Bakery Forn Silvestre (Alcoy, Valencia)

The artisans of the Forn Silvestre Bakery in Alcoy (Valencia) learned about BIOAZUL’s ultrasonic humidifiers at the INTERSICOP 2015 fair, so they became interested in our ultrasonic humidifiers and the advantages they could obtain with them during the controlled fermentation process that they carried out in their cameras.

Later, they contacted us when they thought about renovating their facilities and we installed an UltraBAK system that was adapted to the measurements of their fermentation chamber and the needs of the workshop. With the humidifier they managed to optimize the fermentation process, for example, reaching the right humidity more homogeneously throughout the chamber and thus avoiding drying out of the outermost products with a considerable increase in the quality of their products.



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