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A new year begins and for this reason we want to remember everything that 2022 brought us, the year in which we were finally able to see our faces without masks, start traveling as before and gradually return to what we call normality.

It has been a year of great demonstration pilots, such as the one carried out in the Water2REturn or Vertical Ecosystem project. In the first, we leave as a result the demonstration that the circular economy in the industry is already a reality thanks to the great pilot that we launched at the Matadero del Sur facilities. An integrated system for the treatment of wastewater and recovery of nutrients that turns the slaughterhouse into a bio-refinery where, in addition to reusing the process water, organic fertilizers and biostimulants are produced.

The second, Vertical Ecosystem, was the result of participation in the call launched by the METABUILDING project, which allowed us to develop, together with BIOTONOMY, the first vertical hydroponic garden irrigated with reclaimed water in the city of Malaga. A great challenge that we share with numerous local actors, institutions and businessmen and we hope that it will be the first of other Nature-based Solutions that we implement in our province.

Other projects that were completed in 2022 were FIT4REUSE, aimed at developing sustainable solutions for the use of non-conventional water resources in agriculture, in which we highlight the guides developed for the application of reclaimed water and exploitation strategies; and the Erasmus+ InCEPPP project, in which we have developed a methodology so that companies can apply or train their workers in circular public and private purchasing.

This year we have maintained our commitment to the work carried out by EIT-Food, participating in seven of its projects that include work on innovation, education, entrepreneurship and commitment and citizen participation. Within these we would like to highlight the completion of the EIT Community Water Scarcity project, which for three years has been a vehicle to seek innovative solutions to water scarcity in Europe through startup innovations.

But we have not only had endings, we are looking forward to the coordination of the BONEX project financed by the PRIMA program and in which we will promote the implementation of the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems Nexus (WEFe) in the Mediterranean for three years. The aim will be to provide practical and tailored tools for examining concrete technological innovations tailored to different contexts in ways that improve policy and governance and balance social, economic and environmental trade-offs.

We have also welcomed the NOVAFERT project, where we will work to boost the use of fertilizers, and the BOOST project, our new Erasmus+, dedicated to offering a training program to accelerate agribusiness.

With all this, we face 2023 with all the energy possible, not only because of this balance, but because we have a year of looking back and seeing how far the work carried out in the 20 years that our company has been running has taken us. This year is our 20th anniversary and we do not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate this beautiful number together with all the companies, institutions, organizations and people with whom we have been working day after day for the water resource. 20 years of work where we have grown at a business and human level. 20 years learning, reinventing ourselves and facing new challenges to continue innovating together and making this world a more resilient and sustainable place.

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